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Changing the Lives of Children through Quality Education- Andrew Rolfe

Jacob Lief is known to be one of the largest contributors to his non-profit making organizations as well as been invited to most events as a motivational speaker. Mr. Jacob had done so much fundraising, but after some time he came to his senses and realized the funds were not changing the lives of people in the world. Jacob Lief decided to change his strategy when he founded Ubuntu Education Fund. Jacob is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of an organization which was established with a primary purpose of supporting Children of Port Elizabeth in South Africa East Cape Province.

Mr. Jacob was very passionate about helping children n in the Eastern Cape Province. In many occasions, Lief refused to take a donation from donors who donated their support with rules and regulations on how the cash is to be used. In a statement released by Mr. Lief, he said the organization now relies on a donation from family Foundations and high-net-worth individuals who know the need and the importance of helping children in need with education without restricting their donation. Through Ubuntu Model the organization work hand in hand with family foundations and few individuals to meet the education, health and social needs of each child in the organization with a primary aim of escaping poverty.

According to Patrick boggon serving on the board of the non-profit organization is a great advantage to both the facility and the donor. Patrick is the Director of a United Kingdom based fundraising consultancy known as Tarnside Consulting. The organization being funded get to harness the expertise of the donor while on the other hand, the donor gets more involved in the charity activity. The non-profit institution has the support of several leaders including; Andrew Rolfe is one for the people who have been supporting Ubuntu for an extended period and he the Chairman of the organization. Andrew Rolfe attended Oxford University and earned his B.A and M.B.A from Harvard Business School. Mr. Andrew Rolfe has been in the forefront to ensure the children get quality life and education. Andrew is also passionate about changing the lives of the people of Port Elizabeth.


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