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Three Brazilian Companies Form E-governe To Help Brazil Recover

Brazil is a mess. Just ask a few of the 207 million people in the country, and they won’t hold back. Inflation is destroying wages and unemployment figures continue to rise. Gross Domestic Product growth is a negative number. The new president has good ideas, but he is facing an enormous uphill battle when it comes to changing the mentality, and the political views that keep Brazil from becoming all it can be on the world economic stage.



Brazil is an important trading partner. The country is an emerging market that can’t seem to emerge from a devastating recession. Other nations have high hopes for Brazil, but Brazil is its own enemy and that must change. President Temer and city officials in Sao Paulo, Rio, Porto Alegre, and Salvador are developing creative solutions to get the country’s economy moving again. Sao Paulo wants the tech company, E-governe to help in establishing new education and administration initiatives.



E-governe is a modern tech company that uses algorithms, data security, and other programs to get cities back on track in terms of productivity and economic growth. E-governe has an Educacao School Management System that helps schools teach children in a modern way. Brazil needs help educating children. The illiteracy rate is not acceptable. Sao Paulo city officials know they must find creative ways to educate students. The E-governe system uses creative technology that helps students learn.



Three companies had an idea, and they are working together to establish E-governe as one of the tech companies in Brazil that will make a difference. Those three companies use the E-governe name to show how important e-commerce and new technology are in the ever-changing world of education and administration. Those three companies are Consult, Sisterplan, and Minauro Informatica. Those companies have expertise in different areas, but when they work together and form the basis for E-governe systems, the results are incredible. Minauro is a software company, Consult is a tech company, and Sisterplan is an information company.



The city of Sao Paulo is rolling out the Educacao School Management System in 138 city schools, and the plan is to use the system in all city schools. Brazil must do a better job educating students if the country wants to grow in the future. The E-governe system will help Sao Paulo grow, and the plan is to use E-governe in other cities to make the education process more cohesive.



Brazil has work to do when it comes to educating students. The country also has work to do reforming government systems. E-governe is one of the companies that will help Brazil make a comeback from the crippling recession. But E-governe will also help Brazil embrace a new way of performing social and governmental tasks. Brazil is in a rebuilding mode and E-governe is in a position to make the rebuilding process more effective. A country is only as strong as its systems, and E-governe has a platform that builds strength, and effectiveness in education and administrative procedures. https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Governe/325368564267182

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