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Reviewing Doug Levitt’s Latest Venture, The Greyhound Diaries

More often than less, celebrities crisscross the American landscape to sightsee and tour new places. The aim of such expeditions is usually to understand the historical progression of the American society and its culture. When faced with a national crisis in particular, Americans tend to unites regardless of their race or ethnicity. Poverty remains one of the most visible threats not only to the American society, but also to the entire human population.In a bid to highlight poverty in the American subcontinent, world-renowned artiste,

Doug Levitt recently organized an acclaimed tour, which he aptly named The Greyhound Diaries. He wanted to bring the issue of poverty to light. The reason behind undertaking the project is the fact that poverty exists throughout America in as much as it might not be as prevalent as it is in other parts of the world.

The Greyhound Diaries

The project was immensely successful due to the innovative strategies that Levitt employed to reach his audience. He embarked on a bus ride across the country, capturing the whole journey through photography works, music, and writing. His decision was based on the idea that those who tried to embark on similar projects always failed because they were out of touch with the reality. The only way of highlighting poverty to the global audience was through interactions with local communities.

Despite charting a new path altogether while undertaking his project, it was an instant success. This is owed to the fact that the message passed across resonates with most American citizens from low-income communities. This is not the first time that Doug is exploiting his artistry to highlight the plight of the less privileged. Throughout his career, he has been championing various causes.

Doug Levitt in Brief

The Cornell University and London School of Economics gave up a promising career in the field of journalism so that he could pursue his artistic interests. He hails from a political family, something that molded his activism. However, Levitt is renowned for being an award-winning singer and songwriter. His career in the music industry spans nearly 15 years. During this time, he has recorded inspirational and mind-evoking songs under the guidance of producer, David Henry.


Thor Halvorssen’s Views On Bernie Sanders’ Socialism On The Fox Network

The FOX network decided to bring in Thor Halvorssen (http://www.forbes.com/sites/thorhalvorssen/#29b821aa1e52), the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He leans toward pro-democracy and he condemned socialist revolutionary Che Guevarra. With his background Fox News was sure that they had someone who would condemn Bernie Sanders. But the interview with film producer Thor Halvorssen completely backfired and went viral on social media. He was articulate and actually educated and informed their viewers on socialism.


In the interview, Thor Halvorssen expressed his views that democratic socialism can be a good thing but believes that such systems can easily be perverted by corrupt rulers. He said it is not the form if government, the problem lies on the dictators. Then he totally caught the host off guard and he dropped the bombshell that he is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders and his stand on Socialism and as a matter-of-fact donated the maximum amount allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign.


Socialism is not inherently evil, he says. In fact, countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden are shining examples of socialist governments where human rights violations do not occur. Socialism is a form of government that can do good or bad depending on who’s in charge.


Thor claims that Hillary Clinton has taken millions from oppressive dictators throughout the world. He also took a jab at Donald Trump, who is the republican presidential frontrunner, for his support of Vladimir Putin in Russia and that is unacceptable for him to endorse either of them.
Thor kept his composure cool even when she brought up his family about the imprisonment of his father by the Venezuelan government, despite the fact he was a respected diplomat protected by his position, including his mother was shot by the police as she protested against the socialist lead government.