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José Henrique Borghi: Importance Of Expert Advertising Assistance

José Henrique Borghi is a leading provider of marketing and advertising management services to businesses and entrepreneurs. José Henrique Borghi co-founded one of Brazil’s reputable ad agencies, Mullen Lowe.

Advertising is essential for business success . It is important to keep in mind that advertising does offer many benefits and can help you prosper. In fact, almost every business that thrives in our society uses some form of advertising to deliver important messages to potential customers and prospects. An ad agency guides the client and ensures that the campaign performs as expected.

If you are truly planning to build a successful company or organization, and are passionate about reaching the largest audience possible, there are things you can do to accomplish that. Just remember, it takes a great deal of time and effort to get the results you want. You’ll want to hire the services of marketing or advertising professionals and get it done properly.

José Henrique Borghi and his staff takes the time to understand their client’s business, evaluate the client’s current advertising process and determine what needs to be changed. They will set measurable goals so they can review the advertising campaign and evaluate its success.
Nothing can help you get things done faster and more efficiently than getting professional assistance from a reliable advertising expert like José Henrique Borghi. You will gain a lot of benefits by utilizing expert help, and you will have confidence that your business promotion is in trusted hands.

Achieve long-term success by letting José Henrique Borghi and his knowledgeable team create and implement your marketing or advertising campaigns. José Henrique Borghi provides crucial steps that lead to outstanding results for his clients, and he knows what type of advertising or business promotion is best for your organization or company.

The Responsibilites And Procedures Of Cardiologist Dr. Edward Honig


When your doctor thinks you may have a condition related to your heart they will want you to see a cardiologist. Some of the most common heart related symptoms include dizzy spells, chest pains and shortness of breath. A cardiologist is required of your EKG changes or shows a heart murmur.


A cardiologist helps individuals suffering from heart disease lead a full life and teaches patients about the risks associated with heart disease. They treat patients with heart rhythm disturbances, heart failure and heart attacks. They have extensive training and skills in procedures such as heart surgery, balloon angioplasty and cardiac catheterization.


Finding the right cardiologist is incredibly important. The best way to begin is with the recommendation your doctor gives. The cardiologists credentials should also be checked. They should have received rigorous testing and the letters FACC should appear after their name. This stands for Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. A lot of information about a cardiologist can be found on the internet.


A local cardiologist is best since a heart condition may prevent you from traveling long distances to see your doctor. You must be able to communicate with your cardiologist and ask questions. A specialist with experience regarding your particular condition is recommended. Check for any and all disciplinary action your cardiologist has received. A good doctor will have a clean record, proper schooling and an excellent reputation.


Dr. Edward Honig stands out in the field of cardiology. He has received all the specialized training needed to become an expert in his chosen field. Dr. Edward Honig treats patients suffering from different types of heart disease with a combination of professionalism, knowledge, skill and kindness.


Dr. Edward Honig is based out of New York and works at the Glen Cove Hospital. He is familiar with the services most often required by patients. This includes echocardiograms to check the hearts function, ambulatory ECGs to find an abnormal heart rhythm and cardiac catheterizations to check how the heart is operating and relieve blockages. Dr. Edward Honig has an impeccable reputation in his field.

The Wisdom And Kindness OF Betsy DeVos

When it comes to success, there are a lot of things to admire. However, a person is not admired for how much she has, but how generous and kind she is. Betsy DeVos is one of those people that are very kind. While she has experienced a lot of success, she did not allow that to get to her head. Instead, she has allowed compassion to grow within her and use it to make positive changes in the areas of the world that need it the most. She has decided to take on the education system for children in low income areas.

While Betsy DeVos has shown a lot of kindness, she has also shown a lot of wisdom. Being the wife of Dick DeVos, Betsy has learned a lot from him. At the same time, she has shown herself to be someone that is an inspiration to Dick. Dick has always found herself to be impressed with Betsy. She has shown not only thoughtfulness, but initiative. At the same time, she was wise enough to know how to avoid getting dragged into any kind of mess. Betsy has always understood that it is not good for one to bite off more than she could chew.

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When it came to becoming a philanthropist for families in low income areas, she has started small. She and Dick has started by taking care of one family. Then she has taken the time to look at other ways that she can increase her efforts. She has eventually decided to run for political positions with the intentions of affecting change in the education industry. One change that Betsy is going for is offering students to go to schools that are located in safer communities so that they can have an easier time learning in a stress free environment.

Betsy DeVos has gone on plenty of interviews in order to talk about her passion for helping out with the education industry. She is willing to make sure that more students are getting a higher quality of education so that they could get better grades and experience higher education. Check her interview with PhilantrophyRoundTable.Org

Fighting the Evil of This World With Thor Halvorssen

When a dictator begins his daily routine, what is on his top list of concerns? Often, unflattering media reports of his latest civil atrocities. Thor Halvorssen is a chief source of such reports. With parents who were heavily persecuted by Hugo Chavez’s government, Thor knows the vile minds of the tyrants of the world, and he is dedicated to causing them to lose sleep at night.

Thor is the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Thor reported that sister organizations to HRF like Amnesty International have a strong focus on problems in the United States, ignoring problems in dictatorships abroad.

Why does he do this? “I love people!” Thor says happily. Thor hates how the cowardice of citizens causes dictators to rise to power on popular appeals. Thor was beaten by authorities when he went to Vietnam to gather information on an outlawed sect of Buddhism.

Sigrid Rausing, a top progressive donor, recently left a meeting with the HRF when she found out that Thor’s organization also received funding from a conservative donor. This comes from Thor’s sense of pragmatism. The partisan clashes between left and right mean little to Thor, but a lot of his supporters get hung up on the political details. Thor is criticized by lefties for receiving funding from conservative organizations to help topple communism. Thor answers this criticism by pointing out that his top legal helper is a former Marxist, Javier El-Hage. The Atlantic mentions that Thor’s goal is to end oppression of people by tyrants of every stripe, right and left. “Why discriminate?” he says.

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