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Trump to Eliminate Key Feature of ObamaCare

It has been known for quite some time that President Trump does not favor ObamaCare, and this week he is already making efforts to make major changes to the plan. One of the sticking points for many Americans is the fact they are going to be penalized this year if they did not have insurance coverage in 2016. That $695 mandate may be history as Trump eliminates key feature of Obamacare. This was one of three orders the new president enacted in his first days in office.


To better clarify the mandate, the Affordable Care Act had a stipulation that every American must sign on for insurance or face fines each year they go without. The fine for this year was $695 per family member, a huge amount of money for people to pay who could not afford the coverage to begin with. Trump decides to lighten the burden of these folks by taking action to repeal the mandate. While the ripple effects could mark the end for the Affordable Care Act, it appears Trump is more concerned right now with lightening the load for those who are in the worst financial situation.


When a person can not afford healthcare, it makes no sense they must be penalized financially so others can have coverage. Trump has not been shy about his feelings for the Affordable Care Act, citing numerous times that many of the legislators who signed the bill had zero idea what they were signing, so how could the public even understand? Trump appears to be making good on his promise to offer Americans an alternative to Obamacare, and repealing the mandate on no-coverage fines is a great way to start.


The other day, Trump signed the executive order that was instructing the HHS to grant exemptions from penalties associated with the Affordable Care Act. No doubt that people who would have been getting those bills this tax season are already rejoicing at the fact they are going to be able to keep some of the cash they thought the government was coming after. One thing is for sure, if the repeal stays in place, a new insurance program must be waiting in the wings or those who still have coverage are going to have to foot the mounting bills in 2018.