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George Soros Boasts About his Abilities to Topple Currencies

In The Alchemy of Finance, Soros proclaims that he finds it “fun” to break down other government’s economic systems. It was a thrill when he first succeeded in collapsing the British Pound off the backs of hard working British subjects on opensocietyfoundations.org. He also has called himself a kind of “god” who has the power do manipulate the status of other governments to his liking of an to reach his goals of an, “Open Society.” He has turned his vision towards causing instability in the United States at this time since he noticed that none of the other countries have a voice in the policy making in the United States, which has too much power over what happens in the world, more specifically his vision of a “new world order.” These quotes can all be found by reading his books.

Soros also can be heard on podcasts produced in Glenn Beck’s free serial pieces called “Progressive Donors (Soros).” Here a listener can learn about the billions of dollars that George Soros spends on funding all types of socialist groups that are tasked with destabilizing the United States, such asMove On dot org,Black Lives Matter, the political campaigns of Senator Harry Reid, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton which represent Marxism, Socialism and far left wing agendas in the United States. Soros has funded the anti capitalist agenda by forming the ground work and funding ‘Occupy Wall Street.’ These are representations of his goal as a Fabian Socialist to stealthily disrupt the stability of the free market activities in a capitalist society and one that works by the sovereignty of states under the United States Constitution. George Soros is attempting to dilute it so that the United States has less influence in his new world order. He is running out of time, however, so the world must understand that he is stepping up his machinations since his lifespan has reached eighty years and counting.

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Soros targets those who would stand in the way of his goals such as young, strong, and popular leaders who wish to preserve the sovereignty of the United States like Glenn Beck and Ted Cruz or Mike Lee. What he uses to discredit anyone who has strong influence to work against his causes is promote left wing agendas and influence by backing writers who call people such as Beck, ‘deranged.’ Many people have mocked Glenn Beck just prior to seeing what Beck had known and spoken about years before it manifested. One such prediction is that the terrorists were attempting to form a caliphate in the United States. This all was mocked and called ‘insane.’ However, the evidence was revealed in the papers that have been sequestered by the Obama Administration that came out of the Texas Holy Land Trial against the groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, which are un-indicted co-conspirators in trying to dismantle the United States Constitution and set up a Caliphate in the United States by funding Hamas and Hezbolllah with monies they make in the United States and send to those groups to perform terrorist activities both in the United States and in other countries. Again they call Beck, ‘deranged’ for calling out George Soros for being a socialist force opposing the United States sovereignty of states, which Mr. Soros boasts about openly in interviews where he can be heard and read about in the books written by Soros, the Master Financier and Fabian Socialist.

George Soros Quote Proven To Be A Fake

The billionaire hedge fund manager Soros has always been a target for right wing groups who oppose much of the way the liberal political donor goes about his business in terms of investing and political donating. Snopes recently looked into an amazing claim that the funding of the Black Lives Matter group by George Soros was part of a dedicated plan to bring down the U.S. through the manipulation of African American political groups on bloomberg.com. The article explores the history of the quote and explains how this is not real or even mentioned in any way by George Soros himself.

Claiming George Soros is willing to use any form of racial discrimination to achieve his own aims is to completely fail to understand how Soros goes about his business and philanthropy; the Hungarian born Soros has made donations to the Black Lives Matter group, but solely because he has backed the cause of making sure every member of society is protected in the future. In the 1980s George Soros created his own Open Society Foundations charity that is concerned with the welfare of politically oppressed people living in closed societies. The initial cause Soros was fighting with the Open Society Foundations was apartheid in South Africa, which he decided could be best opposed by providing a higher level of education for those living in the slums of the country.

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The quote detailing how George Soros would bring down the U.S. using the Black Lives Matter movement on NY Books is reported to have been said during an interview with the German newspaper, “Bild”. A thorough search of the archives revealed no such interview with Soros took place in 2014 or at any other time, other major publications were researched and no trace of a similar quote was found to have been made by Soros. Tracing back the Online history of the quote and accompanying image of George Soros Snopes discovered the quote was first published by the Overpasses for America group in 2016; this is just the latest in a series of fake quotes attributed to major political and business leaders around the world.