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The World Of Dating With Bumble and Whitney Wolfe

Dating can be very difficult, especially in this day and age. It is hard to find someone that shares your interests and can have a long conversation without being attracted to something else. The world of social media has made dating hard because it can difficult to discover the right person.

However, many IT professionals are using social media to their advantage when it comes to dating and finding someone to spend your life with. These dating apps make the first step of finding someone to date easier. There are many dating applications out there but there are only a select few that can really make a love connection possible. Introducing Bumble, a dating app that puts women in charge of finding their match.

Bumble started in 2014 by Whitney Wolfe, the co-founder of Tinder. Whitney Wolfe used her expertise in Tinder to create an app that puts women in the driver’s seat. It is a free app, that allows individuals to message each other when they are attracted to someone. Bumble was released with the help of former Tinder executives Sarah Mick and Chris Gulzcynski. Andrey Andreev also assisted in the launch. Bumble’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas. In 2016, Bumble has 13 employees with 12 of them being women. The same year, Bumble partnered with Spotify, so users can share their love of music.

People who use Bumble has many advantages. Bumble users have the ability to save conversations, send photo messages and show attraction of a match by swiping the screen. If a user accidentally swipes their phone to end a match they can backtrack by shaking their phone. If a user picks a match, they are required to start a conversation with that person within 24 hours or that match disappears.

According to Pew Research Center, five percent of people have gotten married to a person they met on a dating app or website.

Whitney Wolfe was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017. At the age of 22, she joined Hatch Labs where she was involved in Cardiff, a startup.She co-founded the dating app Tinder with the IAC Startup Incubator.

Whitney Wolfe started Bumble because of her own experience with dating. Her app has more than 1 million users that are active and had made about 150 million matches.

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Talk Fusion Lands Coveted Award

Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina has known for a long time that his company is something to be proud of. He has essentially innovated an entire industry with his email video marketing program and now the notice and acclaim is starting to roll in. This past August we saw Talk Fusion land a coveted award, the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This is the second time this year that Talk Fusion has landed a high profile award.

While Reina is no doubt ecstatic to hear the public accolades that his program is pulling in he is still focused forward on continuing to develop Talk Fusion into a public mainstay for years to come. Right now that means that Talk Fusion is focusing on expanding their Free Trials period so that new customers can come to the innovative video marketing company and experience some truly career changing opportunities. So what exactly does this entail?

The way that Talk Fusion works is pretty simple. The program itself is available on a dual pricing system: customers pay a one time purchasing fee and then they are charged monthly for a subscription to premier services. Once you have gotten the product you are ready to dive into the plethora of knowledge and programs that are now available to you. Changing your company can become something as simple as clicking a button.

The primary engine behind Talk Fusion is that it gives you a whole new way to connect to customers. Embedding video into your email marketing is one of the fastest ways to dramatically improve both your point of click stats and your actual end line sales. So with Talk Fusion you can upload a video that you put together into the email layout and drop it in. Once the video is dropped in you will see a thumbnail appear in the email which will give users something enticing to click on. Finish rounding out the email with whatever it is you want to say to your customers before uploading the email list that you are working off of. Then with a click of a button you are ready to send it out.

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Skout Soars With Valentine Day Crowd

Skout has become the most amazing apps for meeting new people. For many months this has been the app that people go to in order meet new friends. They can socialize and chat much like Facebook, but it is much more than that. People can also make some serious network connects and build up some job opportunities. This is huge because it gives people some of the same opportunities as Linked In. The site offers even more than that though. For Valentine’s Day Skout will soar as the site for singles that are looking for love.

A lot of single people are looking for Skout because there are so many people that are looking for someone to love. There are millions of people are out there that want someone in their lives, but they do not know how to find the right one. Skout makes it easier for people to start off as friends and move into the dating stage, but it really starts booming when people are looking for a Valentine. So many people that have just been hanging out as friends will using this day of love to make the first move. They may decide to ask someone out for the first time. Skout is the best way to do this because it is free. People that have used the premium sites may switch to Skout when they discover that they can meet someone without the hassle of paying for a monthly subscription.

There are many apps out there for people that are planning to date, but Skout is the one to bet on because it was purchased by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. He knows that the site was hot so he decided to pump money into it. Millions of people from around the world have logged on to the site, and even more people are signing up every day. Some people get features in the spotlight section of the website so lots of registered users get to see the new people instantly. This gives a new single person very good odds of getting a Valentine’s Day date.

Many people that have been using Skout will see that this is where a lot of single people hang out. Facebook is the place for more married adults and couples to post pictures of family. Twitter is where the celebrities are hanging out and promoting movies and music. Skout, however, is the place where you would find all the single people. This is why it is such a great place for the people that are looking for love online.

Lots of online love seekers are ditching the premium sites because they just are not finding what they need with these subscription based sites. They like the free sites like Skout because people are honest and a lot more open. On the premium sites people may try to find the requirements of a profile and lie to get acquainted with people that they do not really match up with.

Read original article: http://www.adweek.com/socialtimes/report-clean-master-was-androids-most-used-app-in-q4-2015/633420