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The Traveling Vineyard Could Be The Perfect Opportunity For You

What a concept, sell wine – make money, added bonus do it from home, could this be real! Yes with the Traveling Vineyard. This could be a perfect option of someone who desires to start a home based business. The concept is pretty simple, share the love of wine with wine lovers.

Being a Traveling Vineyard consultant can offer many benefits, one thing that sets this company apart from other home based businesses is you are not required to have a huge inventory. The concept is the Traveling Vineyard wine guide markets the wine to guests at hosted parties, not sell them bottles of wine. The consultant helps the host prepare for the event then takes the lead in the tasting party. Once the guests have decided on the types of wine and quantities desired, consultant logs the orders on line and the World HQ handles everything from this point on. They will fill orders are prepare them for shipment.

One of the first things someone interested in starting a home based business should do is research the company for legitimacy. The Traveling Vineyard has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they welcome questions and curiosity from potential consultants. Their goal is help individuals decide if this is the right model from them and help those who do chose it to become successful.

The Traveling Vineyard offers low start up costs, the consultant requires a Success Kit, which includes wine, accessories, equipment and items for promotion. The website offers an all-access pass to the complete training program and a large support network. They guarantee you will not be left alone at any point in the process someone will always be available to help you be successful.

If you become a Traveling Vineyard consultant you can expect the following benefits; first flexibility, you can decide how many event you want to conduct no one will decide for you. Next financial rewards, of course, again this is up to you if you only need a little extra cash you can achieve that or you can make a lot of money and eventually replace a full time career. Third FUN! You will meet many people and have a party each time you have a tasting event. Forth fulfillment, this can provide some much needed me time and still allow you to meet your other obligations. Finally friendship, who couldn’t use more of that.

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