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Equities First For Growing High Net Worth Wealth

When you start to consider the different options that are out there for getting ahead, one of the most important items is to look at your wealth. By paying yourself first and putting money into investments, you will be fully able to secure your own fortune and wealth over the long haul. The one key is to find out who can help you to meet those goals. For individuals with a high net worth and a lot of potential profit at stake, one of the top options out there today is Equities First.

Equities First is not just a wealth management organization that focuses on trying to generate positive returns for their clients. While it is true that their business goal is to bring in significant returns and generate record profits every single day, their organization has been built on so much more than that. High net worth individuals have so much more at stake and need to be able to fully trust their agents and brokers when it comes to securing a financial future they can depend on.

While there are absolutely a significant number of options out there for wealth creation, the individuals who have more at risk need to ensure they are doing more to protect their funds. It is for that exact reason individuals who bring in extra cash seek out an organization just like Equities First. When you throw in the innovate products that Equities First is able to offer for their high end clients, then you can see why there has never been such access offered before with such creativity and efficiency.Even though not every individual is going to fully understand the true value that an organization such as Equities First brings to the table, the fact of the matter is not everyone understands investing in the first place or even saving money in bank accounts. That is why if you are trying to secure a more financially sound future, then you need to be sure you are thinking outside of the box and doing whatever is necessary to protect your wealth while growing it at the same time.



If you are an investor or active in business, you must have tried to acquire capital at some point in your transactions. How exactly was it? I can hear you shout cumbersome, inconveniencing and at times futile. These long procedures of capital acquisition take too much time which may greatly affect your business or individual plans. Equities First Holdings is bond to change this. With them, you can get capital within a snap of a finger.

Equities First Holding is a global company founded in 2002 that provides alternative capital to its clients. The team at UK, led by their chairman, Al Christy Jr, believe that the traditional money providers such as banks and micro-finances have too many procedures and requirements in issuing loans. They therefore provide loans based purely on evaluation of the risk and future performance of stocks, bonds, treasuries held by the client. This enables loan acquisition is more efficient and faster.

Their loans have loan-to-value ratios of up to 75% with fixed interest rates between 3% and 4%. The loans are also non-purpose meaning that the client does not need to specify the use of acquiring the loan. Thus, the loan can be used in whichever way the client pleases including personal uses and settling off other debts. Most banks do not offer non-purpose loans but require you to specify the uses for the money which is also used to assess the viability of your project.

Equities First serves both business and individuals with high net worth. If you hold stocks in a given company and believe that their value will appreciate in the coming years, then you can approach Equities First for capital. If the stocks are assessed and found to be viable collateral, you transfer the shares as collateral to them and you can receive your loan. Unlike other forms of loan, this loan ensures your security as a buyer since if the shares appreciate during the term of the loan; you retain the 100% of the stock market value at maturity. Isn’t this the best deal you’ve ever gotten?

Dan Solin’s Point Misses the Mark with Laidlaw and Company

In the August 16, 2016, article “Bad Investment Advice Knows No Boundaries,” Dan Solin recommended that media outlets post warnings next to their investment advice pieces. He noted that there is little evidence that stock pickers actually possess a background that supports their “expert” status and that much of the investment advice that they give isn’t valuable because it’s prediction-based. Although some stock pickers use past performance when making predictions, many also don’t take performance over time into account. More importantly, they have no way of magically knowing future events that might impact stock prices at a moment’s notice.

In my opinion, the history of the investment firm Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. provides several good examples that prove Solin’s opinion. A December 2015 injunction against the company and its principals James Ahern and Matthew Eitner requested by Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. specifically mentioned Laidlaw’s practice of spreading “false and misleading” information. Investors should be concerned when their investment advisors are willing to spread false information for financial gain.

Of course, the best example relates to New York Laidlaw broker Leonard V. Gallick, Jr. Seven consumers have made serious complaints against this broker with several winning damage awards. One 2002 complaint regarding his time at the independent Josephthal & Company investment firm, resulted in an investor receiving a $90,000 reward. Gallick had misrepresented investment facts and knowingly recommended an unsuitable investment. More investors should be asking why they trust Laidlaw to provide good investment advice when it has made such a bad investment in hiring someone with a history of fraud complaints spanning back to the late 90’s.

I believe that Solin’s point misses the mark because more needs to be done beyond posting warnings on investment advice media pieces. Governments need to shut down businesses that mislead and defraud investors.

Martin Lustgarten: Choosing A Reputable Investment Banking Firm

Are you in search of a reputable investment banking firm or advisor? Do you want to start investing and need reliable advice and guidance? Perhaps you have already researched various investment banking advisors in the industry and found Martin Lustgarten to be a trusted investment advisor.

Every day many people go online searching for information about investment banking and investment banking professionals. If you are thinking about getting into the investment banking arena and need trusted advisor, look no further than Martin Lustgarten – a top rated investment professional and founder of Martin Lustgarten Investment Firm.

Investment banking is a popular way to get into the lucrative field of investments and many people want to ensure that they choose a reputable expert to render the guidance they need to attain their goals.

Investment banking is the process where an organization or institution, known as the investment bank, helps an entrepreneur or company to raise capital. This may involve underwriting or acting as the client’s agent for the purpose. Other purposes of investment banking may include Buy or sell derivatives, Foreign exchange, etc.

Martin Lustgarten has been in the investment industry for many years and has great expertise in investment banking. He is founder and CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm – a popular firm that provides a vast range of financial and investment services to clients across the world. Martin has such a great reputation due to his top quality services and affordable rates. His clients come from various parts of the world and they are extremely delighted with the outstanding outcome they have received.

Martin Lustgarten has great expertise in all aspects of investment banking and he has used his knowledge, expertise and experience to achieve great results for his clients. Clients are always raving about the top quality service and fabulous outcomes they have received from Martin Lustgarten and his dedicated team of financial and investment advisors. Martin has thorough knowledge of the industry and has used his great expertise and quality resources to achieve excellent returns on clients’ investments. Find Lustgarten on Vimeo to learn more.