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Senator Sanders Makes Significant Campaign Staff Cuts

Despite promising to continue his fight to win the Democratic Party nomination all the way to the floor of the convention, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont on Tuesday announced sweeping cutbacks to his presidential campaign, including the layoff of half of his staff members. The decision came in the wake of a loss to Hillary Clinton in New Jersey. The cuts began on Wednesday, and the Sanders Campaign indicated that dismissed personnel will receive severance pay.

Most media sources have referred to Mrs. Clinton at the presumptive Democratic nominee since Monday. Following Tuesday’s series of primaries, she possesses a sufficient delegate count to clinch the nomination and become the first woman to represent the Democrats in a national race. She welcomed this status during a series of interviews with reporters. During her victory speech on Tuesday, she observed that her campaign had made history. She expressed the sweeping sentiment that her campaign was about “making sure” no one faced “ceilings” and “limits”.

Most of the staff layoffs of Sanders staff members will likely impact employees who performed scheduling and logistical assignments. Although a small number of campaign workers may join the Senator’s office staff, the majority will not. Mrs. Clinton has always vastly outnumbered other candidates in terms of “superdelegates”, Democrats chosen by the Party to serve as delegates because of their prominence within the Democratic Party. In terms of the pledged delegates selected in state election contests, she has won 1,870 and Senator Sanders has won 1,568.