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We all want to have some sort of safety net. We all want to know we will be protected. The trouble lies in how we get this protection. Some choose an emergency fund. Some prefer risky stock market options. Some prefer to make investments with Laidlaw and Company.

In keeping with those who wish to work with Laidlaw and Company, let’s investigate some suggestions on how your investments can work for you, not against you.

1)Begin by setting aside a small portion of your money each week, even if it’s just 5 bucks. Please try and take the initiative with this. Many people say they will “try” to do this. When push comes to shove, most don’t even begin their savings until it’s too late. Please don’t become one of these people.

2)If you leave your savings where it’s at, than it will work for you. Every time you take some money out, there are two things that happens. 1) You lose your total interest that has begun to accumulate. 2) You lose part of your savings, most of which you will never get back, There are a lot of people who always say they will “put the money back in”. However, most find an excuse to go the other way. It’s up to you to make the right choice.

3)The interest you accrue from your initial investments, this you can use to your advantage too. You can take all this interest and reinvest it into something even bigger. How cool is that!

Laidlaw and Company can help you out with these actions and more.

If you go to the following site, you can get more information. Find out how Laidlaw and Company can help you get the most out of your investments.


The Billion Dollar Bond

Billions of dollars have been raised in the name cancer research. The founder and CEO of Nike made an announcement that he was donating one billion dollars to cancer research. The 1 billion dollars will go to the Oregon Health and Science University. Phil Knight made a promise to OHSU stating that he would donate 500 million dollars to the cause but only if the organization could match that 500 million dollars within two years. Before the clock ran out both sides kept their promise. Phil’s idea for this specific type of research is different from what cancer research is used to. According to Christian Broda, Phil wants to employ top notch researchers from around the world to come together as a collective and fight the disease. Instead of having dozens of people studying different parts at different times, it would make more sense for Phil to get the individuals together so that they could put their brain power together collectively and make strides in their research. Phil Knight is an incredibly modest mean when it comes to how much he is involved with cancer research. The billionaire donated a hundred million dollars to the Oregon Health and Science University back in 2008.