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Brown Modeling Agency & Justin Brown Nurturing Modeling Talent in Austin and Texas

When the announcement that Wilhelmina had merged with Heyman Talent to re-launch as The Brown Agency, the modeling world predicted a rise in modeling talent coming from the South. This proposition is fast becoming a developing reality every passing day. The acquisition allowed Brown to make full use of the two agencies unique strengths and capabilities to become one of a few full-service modeling agencies in the region. In the recent past, this agency is setting up nicely and making waves hosting all major entertainment gigs.

The emergence of Brown, a full-service modeling agency, coupled with the prowess of Justin Brown, projected a bright future for modeling in Austin and Texas region. Mr. Brown’s record speaks for itself. He started his modeling career while still pursuing his college education. Prior to modeling, he had a job at a golf course washing golf carts where he was miserable.

Mr. Brown, majoring on business management course in college developed a passion for modeling. His first modeling gig was fit modeling where he would model ‘skinny jeans’ at the time called ‘rocker jeans’ and earn $100 an hour as opposed to the $6 an hour he earned at the golf course. He grew into the modeling world and over time, he took the role of development and placement. Under this role, he would train amateur models to pros and then find them gigs according to their strengths and talents.

Since those days, he hasn’t looked back and has gone to found his modeling agency which basically does the same but with more precision and much more success. After gaining valuable experience and learning the trade of the business in LA and New York, he founded his first agency JB Models & Talent in 2008.

The headquarters of Brown Modeling Agency is Austin with regional offices in Texas and Los Angeles and soon New York. When Brown was formed, Brown became the CEO and President while Michael B. Bonnee, the founder of Heyman Talent-South became head of the theatric division of the firm. The agency takes a 20% cut on modeling jobs, 15% cut for film, video and television jobs and 10% for union jobs.

Mr. Brown noted a slight difference in the Austin and Dallas markets. He described the Dallas as a more conservative market as opposed to Austin, which is a bit more daring with piercings, funky hairstyles, and tattoos. He claims to love Austin as a city. He moved there in 2005 because he liked its size and could see potential in the modeling industry. Despite all that talent and potential, he felt that the locals were not hungry for big-time success and that is why he expanded his business to a bigger market.

The Evolution of Brown Modeling Agency

Located in Austin, Texas, Brown Modeling Agency is formally known as Wilhelmina Austin, connection to the world famous Wilhelmina Modeling network. Brown Modeling Agency has quickly grown to be an industry leader. Their goal is to establish huge marketing expectations and standards that have never been seen in Central Texas before. Since launching, their talent and models have been working for well known brands, such as Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal, Dell, Toyota, and thousands of other well known establishments.

The president of the agency is Justin Brown, and upon looking at his resume, one can see how his agency has become an leader in the industry. Brown, 35, had humble beginnings in that he was born in Reno, Nevada and raised across the state line in small Susanville, California. He was an adorable and shy kid playing by the rules, and then he left for Southern California when he was 18. From that age and on, he has gained a great amount of experience in the modeling industry in Los Angeles and New York. He also pursued his undergraduate studies in business management and worked at a modeling agency throughout this stage of life. Thus, he learned the inside trades and business aspects of the modeling business and how to operate businesses. In 2005, he moved to Austin in which he felt connected to and have been staying every since.

He loves how Austin is big, but not too big. He saw that there is some industry and great room to grow in Austin. And he’s done just that. First, he began a development business in 2008 called JB Models and Talent. This business was licensed in 2010 by Wilhelmina National Agency. This enabled him to obtain great resources for commercial modeling, print modeling, and fashion runway shows. Other than that, Brown knew that observers are skeptical sometimes to have to pay agencies for training, but Brown illustrated how this field is regulated through the Texas Workforce Commission; therefore, relieving many skeptics.

As a result, Brown has helped over 450 talent to spring budding careers. He has taught and groomed the local talent for the big screen and the like. Their fashion models have been seen gracing the runways for Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Dallas Fashion Week, and countless others. Also, Brown always states that they are only as good as their talent; therefore, they pride themselves in selecting only the best to deliver the most beautiful, talented, professional, and dependable talent possible in Central Texas.

Additionally, the Brown Agency has just recently took over Heyman Talent South along with Michael Bonnee, Heyman’s local captain. This means that Brown Agency is now bigger and stronger than ever. And now, there are only a few top local agencies they compete with.

The Brown Agency Has Taken Austin By Storm

The Wilhelmina Brown Agency is coming to Austin, Texas. Many of the employees and executives of the agency feel that there is a fun and fresh vibe in that city and they want to bring the fashion industry to the area. There is plenty to offer and the agency feels that they would be a good fit for the area.

Local designer Linda Asaf was asked to create a special line of clothing for a runway show that was to take place in the Austin area. She said that she was able to create the new clothing collection in less than two weeks. She calls her line Summer Frost. She is incorporating a great deal of white and neutral colors as well a plenty of silver accents. Many are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Wilhelmina Brown and the boost it will give the areas fashion industry.

The Brown Agency is an industry leader in the fashion world. They are a commercial talent agency that prides itself on being one of the world’s best talent providers. Models that work with the Brown Agency represent some of the biggest names in fashion and popular products in the world. The Brown Agency has currently been working their magic in the Austin area. Their models are the best of the best and have been representing thousands of different brands.

The Brown Agency first came to Austin in 2010 and has since scouted the best talent for its clients. Brown Agency models can be seen at Austin Fashion Week, Miami Swim Wee, New York Fashion Week, and Houston Fashion Week to name a few. They have models at all of the biggest and best fashion shows around the country. The Brown Agency continues to grow and discover the best models in the world. They have taken Austin by storm and have established their niche in the city. The diversity of music and fashion in the area are part of the fuel that makes the fashion industry go round which is why the location is perfect for the Brown Agency. The plan on producing even more top talent from the city in the future.

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