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Scott Rocklage Extensive Management Experience and Research Initiative at MIT

Dr. Scott Rocklage is a highly regarded investor, venture capitalist and healthcare management professional. According to Crunchbase, Scott Rocklage has over 20 years experience in health care management. One of his greatest achievements in health care is overseeing the approval 3 new drug applications by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). The 3 drugs are namely; Cubicin, Omniscan and Teslascan. Dr. Scott previously served at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Nycomed Interventional, Nycomed Salutur, in addition to holding a Research and Development positions at Catalytica. At Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Dr. Scott served as Chairman and CEO. He was also the Chairman of Amgen and Ilypsa which were respectively acquired by EntreMed and Amgen.

The other entities Scott Rocklage is affiliated with include Miikana Therapeutics, Amersham Health and Rennovia Inc. With regards to board membership, Dr. Scott serves on the boards of various research and pharmaceutical companies, including WaveRX, Achaogen, Pulmatrix, Semprus BioSciences Corporation, Variation and Relypsa. Pulmatrix Inc and Relypsa Inc are both listed on the NASDAQ exchange. On investment, an excerpt on Bloomberg reveals that Dr. Scott joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 before appointment as the company Managing Director, a year later. The Menlo Park, California based Life Sciences, Finance and venture firm is focused on providing venture capital to support private equity investments, early stage ventures and late stage ventures.

The list of 5AM Venture clients can be traced from various sectors, including medical technology, biopharmaceutical, research instrument and life science industries. Scott Rocklage has a solid academic background; he holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from The University of California, Berkeley and a PhD. in Chemistry from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is highly appreciative of MIT for giving him the foundation to pursue his profession and life long career to the fullest. While studying MIT, Dr. Scott conducted several research studies in the lab under the tutelage of the renowned 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Richard Schrock. On July 2016, Dr. Scott visited the MIT Chemistry Department with his wife to support the institution’s expansion efforts.

According to Chemistry.mit.edu, one of the projects includes the renovation of the Lester Wolfe Professor, nanochemistry and nanotechnology laboratory building. Dr. Scott was part of the highly innovative think tank called Richard Schrock research group. He also continues to describe himself as a survivalist and an accomplishment junkie. Some of his long time friends at the Chemistry department include Jere Fellman, Howard Turner and Clayron Wood. During the much publicized tour of the institution, Dr. Scott promised to support the other upcoming projects in the institution aimed at advancing research activities. Scott is also credited an inventor and co-inventor; he has over 100 peer review publications and over 30 US patents to his name.

David Osio Releases New Real Estate Investment Tool

Real estate is still one of the best areas to invest, however, how to invest can be complicated and confusing. Even real estate professionals, who are constantly learning, find difficulty in making the correct decisions for their clients. While the problems haven’t changed, technology is making solutions easier to come by. David Osio, from the Davos Real Estate Group, has just released a new mobile app that allows investors to make quick and easy decisions with the help of greater information.


This new app provides comprehensive financial advice with the goal of helping all who are interested in real estate. Clients can use this tool while preparing background research or even bring it with them while viewing potential properties. The tool is designed to analyze and provide huge amounts of data with just a few simple inputs from the user.


David has devoted years of his life in the industry and has a clear understanding of both real estate and finance. Using his diverse background, he works to make capital grow and, in the end, do what the client wants. His knowledge of finance, from experience in the banking world, allows David to provide clients with unique insights.


Ultimately, David Osio seeks to provide people with caring and kindness so that he may help others achieve their goals. He understands how real estate investment can be the perfect solution for many today. He finds stability in the market based on constant demand. David is confident that this new app will help people leverage their investments and gain advantage.


David Osio is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Davos Financial Group. He has been a part of the financial services sector for many years and has numerous accomplishments. Prior to his work at Davos, David Osio served as Vice President of Banco Latino International based out of Miami. He was responsible for the management of all corporate departments, creating market strategies, and customer acquisition. David has also served as the Director for Escritorio Juridico MGO in Caracas, Venezuela.


Davos Financial Group is a conglomeration of a various licensed as well as independent companies. Davos has been recognized as Venezuela’s first financial advisory firm. Recently, Davos has expanded its operations to include offices in New York, Miami, Geneva, and other locations across the globe.

For more information on David Osio go to https://www.visualcv.com/davidosio


Jeffry Schneider: The CEO of Ascendant Capital And A Firm Believer Of Healthy Lifestyle

More than twenty years of working with investors, helping them devise alternative investment solutions makes Jeffrey Schneider an expert in the field. The founder and the principal executive of Ascendant Capital LLC, has acquired skills and knowledge that makes him one of the best in the industry. After graduating with a bachelors in science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst he started out as an investment advisor at Merrill Lynch Alex Brown and Smith Barney. His skills and knowledge gathered in dealing with clients and how to make them satisfied led to him founding Axiom Capital Management, Paradigm Global Advisors and Alternative Investments.

At Ascendant Capital he is charge of the operations and raising fund for the company as well. Having years of dealing with investors, he listens to their needs and helps come up with alternative investments plans for them. While starting, he only had two employees, however with his skills and foresight he has been able to lead his company to thirty employees. He has also attracted investment advisors, brokerage agents and plenty of other key players in the industry. The money raised is being used in real estate among other investments. In his leadership, he has created a culture that motivates employees to speak up and dialogue with one another. In so doing the company easily comes up with solutions to problems and at the same time creating a friendly environment for all.

Work without play makes Jack a dull boy is one of the sayings that he lives by. Jeffry Schneider encourages people to live a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right. He is a firm believer in keeping fit at all times. For many years he has participated in marathons and iron man and hopes to motivate others on being healthy. During holidays, he is also a huge fun of traveling and enjoying the beautiful scenery and appreciating nature in general. He uses his twitter handle and blog to encourage others to live their lives fully.

Having gone through struggles as an entrepreneur, he knows how challenging life is. He appreciates life and other people around him. He participates in several philanthropic activities that help people who are in need. He and his firm have put plenty of donations on God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children and Wonders and Wonders. These charitable organizations are intended to touch and change lives.

Creativity, extensive research and passion are some of the things that drive Jeffry Schneider. He maintains healthy and professional relationships with his clients and ensure that they are always satisfied. He is also a lover of books and enjoys taking time to read and learn something each day. Some of the things that every entrepreneur should know.

Christanna Bevin: The World-Class Professional Project Manager

Christanna Bevin is a Highly Professional Services Project Manager with a demonstrated comprehensive and demonstrated a background in project contract, controls, commercial, procurement, and administration management roles within the resource and construction sector. She has resulted in the energetic, oriented, and flexible individual.

She has an outstanding oral and written skills with the exceptional relationship, stakeholder engagement and management skills. She is respected for a proven problem-solving skills, excellent work ethic, and o-going passion for exceeding corporate, personal, and client-related objectives.

Christina Bevin Project Capacity Improvement Criterion
Project improvement and capacity under Christina Bevin’s supervision creates a result desired by any client. Clients looking for a new project manager for a project should consider the best people suitable for the job in the industry. For this reason, she outlines how she is the best in the industry. She has clearly made remarkable decisions over the course of her profession. She is also a proper employee hiring officer together with her excellent money management skills. For everyone on her team, she creates a productive environment.

1. Ho she increases project capacity
Project size can be defined as the rate at which projects create the planned effect. For every day, the project management team sits down with their ideas seeking the techniques which might increase the capacity of the project. For every project that might not use all the available funds in the bank, she sits down and creates a better project that suits your needs. While the team works under the best manager in the world, the capacity of the [project will grow on a daily basis. For her, her career has been of great fruit with numerous completed projects in Australia.

2. How she changes a budget
For any large project that requires millions of dollars, she puts all the money under her great care. For every project, she sits down to create a better budget for the management. She suggests it to the board for approval. When t is approved or denied, she goes forwards to implement the project. For future developments, she is good at holding back the money necessary for those activities. She is one of the best individuals ever worked for the world. She is the best person to provide stellar-reports to her clients if the budgets are under the minimum needed amount.

3. How she completes hiring
For Christanna, the most important function in a correct project is process improvement. For the staff to work with direction, the best thing a manager can do is to develop a better plan. How you work under Christanna, you will experience the best working environment. She has the abilities and qualifications to source for the best project manager. For every project to be completed in time, hiring is the most important part of the start.

4. How Christanna improves a project
A project manager selects a project profile in which the worker’s innovation determines the end. For this reason, she will select the most innovative workers. She looks at every detail of efficiency and quality in work. For this reason, everyone works together efficiently.

Stephen Murray, Expert Deal Maker, CEO, and Philanthropist

Stephen Patrick Murray was born in 1962 in Brooklyn, New York but was raised in North Tarrytown, New York. He graduated from Boston College with a degree in Economics in 1984. After graduation, Murray went into a credit analyst training program with Manufactures Hannover then proceeded to Columbia Business School where he earned his Master’ in Business Administration in 1989.

In 1989 he joined the firm of MH Equity Corporation, which merged with Manufactures Hannover, which was a private equity group and its leverage finance section. MH Equity then began to do midmarket leverage buyouts of manufacturing and retail companies. On a buyout of Byerl’s Supermarket chain in Minneapolis Stephen Murray successfully made four times their investment. A Plymouth Minnesota manufacturing and engineering firm, Deltak, netted them seven times their investment due to Murray’s expertise.

In 1991, Manufactures Hannover Corp. was purchased by Chemical Bank. This merger joined MH Equity’s four investment professionals with the partners from Chemical Venture Partners. Those four included a Mr. Lynch, who now heads CCMP’s Investors Relations Department. A Mr. Walker took over the management of the whole group and became Stephen Murray’s boss for the next 15 years.

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When in 1996 Chemical Bank and Chase Manhattan Corporation merged, Chemical Ventures was then named Chase Capital Partners. Stephen Murray oversaw the biggest and deals around and was the group’s best deal maker showing the most gains on their investments.

Stephen Murray was not a person to put a sugarcoat on bad news. In 2005, at an investor meeting, he voiced his concerns about the deal prices going higher, the leveraged growth and a narrowing credit spread. His co-workers said that he was always focused on doing what was best for his investors.

With his role in CCMP Capital growing rapidly, he was the most natural person to succeed Walker as CEO when he retired in 2008. It seems that Murray was already a major player before walker retired.

Stephen Murray, retired from CCMP stating health concerns as his reason. He passed away on March 12, at the age of 52.

He was the founding partner of CCMP which was a spin-off from JPMorgan Chase and Company. He was an expert deal maker and philanthropist. He was a board member of the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. The vice-Chairman of the Boston College Board of Trustees. He was also active and supported numerous charities which included the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County.

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have created a Meeting Point for the Sophistication of a Stylist and the Specific Needs of a Shopper

Don Ressler met Adam Goldenberg for the very first time at Intermix. With both having same experiences of selling their businesses to Intermix. As early as 15 years Ada started the Gamers Alliance which was later acquired by the Intermix Media and Don in 2001 sold the FitnessHeaven.com to intermix. As a matter of fact, Don had generated billions of dollars from sales at the Internet companies yielding to a capital of above 100 million dollars. After the acquisition of the Intermix by News Corporation in 2005, Ressler and Goldenberg gained a close friendship. Their friendship yielded to the formation of the Intelligent Beauty in 2006 which is a platform for the incubation of e-commerce brands. They merged their efforts to make affordable prices with the cutting-edge fashion interaction.

JustFab was formed on the principle of creating more fun, engagement and making more the online fashion more social on YouTube. It provided an opportunity for a style community whereby its members had a choice of selection for their preferred product varieties on accessories, shoes, and handbag with a monthly subscription of $39.95.

On March 2010, JustFab appointed a new President to lead the company and one year later the creative director. The company was funded by several bodies like the Matrix Partners which is a venture capital at the United States. The company’s operations were internationally extended to Germany, United Kingdom, and Canada.

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Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg established the TechStyle, whose headquarters are based El Segundo California. TechStyle has an excellent working environment and a committed workforce necessitated for this location. The expansion is also possible in the area by the fact that the business is looking up to expand and reinvest in the firm regarding more goods more stores. TechStyle mode of selling, using data from customers and research helps to give a clear picture of the market status and also in the planning and planning of the business

TechStyle Group has come a long way under Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler and to say it destined for greatness will be an understatement. Extravagance, flair and sophistication of a stylist meet extravagance of a shopper to give more than just satisfaction. According to Josh Hanna of Matrix who is also a long-time venture partner to both Adam and Don, the two gentlemen have exceptional business abilities. They are capable of achieving goals by expertise in surrounding themselves with the right team. The future is more promising for the JustFab.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2011/09/21/former-intermix-coo-raises-33m-for-fashion-brand-justfabulous/#7364ed737e63

The Impressive Career Of Sam Tabar: CFO Of Awearable Apparel

Sam Tabar has earned the position of CFO for Awearable Apparel. The strategy fund is now his responsibility. Tabar has stated he is quite excited about this opportunity, he will be working in conjunction with a team made up of senior leadership personnel. The goals of this team are to get away from the use of fuels that are expensive, and cause pollution. They are looking for fuel that is safe for the environment, with a substantially lower cost.

Sam Tabar has a lot of experience with establishing a strategy that will enable a financial company to stay on budget. He was the leader of Capital Strategy when he worked for Merrill Lynch. He gave the funding managers instructions for pensions, investments and endowments. He put together teams that encompassed both the front and back offices, and was a consultant for operations.

Previously, Tabar was with the Sparx Group as one of two heads in marketing. This group was the biggest independent in Asia Pacific. He was in charge of an effort for global marketing. He has also been an attorney for several reputable firms. He received a degree in law from Columbia Law School, and also acquired a Bachelor of Arts when he attended Oxford. He served as the editor when he was with the Columbia Business Law Journal, and has a membership in the New York Bar. He also invested in SheThinx, a company that completely reinvented feminine hygiene products.

Sam Tabar is a excellent strategist in capital. He uses his knowledge on hedge funds to counsel his clients. He became a member of the Sparx Group in 2004 as an advisor on investments, and quickly became their director of management and the development of business. His experience and knowledge combined make him an expert in the field of finances.

The Legacy of Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray is a man of many talents including his talent within the world of economics, his talent as a philanthropist, as well as his talent in helping individuals have a great and successful experience when they are looking for investments that yield the greatest return with the lowest among of risk. Stephen Murray has over 30 years of investment experience and was a sought after individual in both the public sector, as well as within the private sector. Stephen Murray has a legacy that will continued to be passed on for his customer service, as well as from his excellent given advice.

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has had a passion for economics for the past 30 years when he graduated from Boston College with a degree in economics. After earning his undergraduate degree, Stephen Murray was able to climb the ladder to success by becoming a part of an analyst training program in order to build his human capital through knowledge and experience. Stephen Murray was able to demonstrate his talent for investment as well as his talent for leadership when people needed direction and assistance. Stephen Murray was able to earn his way to become the CEO of CCMP Capital, a company that specialized in buyout and growth equity transactions.

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As the former CEO of CCMP Capital, Stephen Murray will pass on his legacy to others that knew him. As the leader of the company, people most recognized Mr. Murray as being a personable individual who was often inspirational. Both employees as well as clients of Stephen Murray often remarked that working with Stephen Murray often felt like working with a partner because he always wanted to hear what others had to say. Stephen Murray has passed down a legacy of excellent customer service that will continued to be remembered at CCMP Capital.

Stephen Murray was most known for putting others first and dedicating much time as well as effort in helping communities that were less fortunate. As a philanthropist, Stephen Murray centered his focus towards New York City to improve and increase the urban development within the city. One of Mr. Murray’s largest and most consistent donations went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a foundation that helped kids with chronic illnesses make their dreams a reality. With a big name within the financial industry, Stephen Murray has a legacy to be passed on by those that knew him well within and outside of his company.

Learn more about Stephen Murray: http://blogs.wsj.com/privateequity/2015/03/13/former-ccmp-ceo-stephen-murray-dies-at-52/

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, the Internet Entrepreneur


Dr. Vijay Eswaran was born in 1960 in Malaysia. He started his primary education in Malaysia before proceeding to the London school of Economics for further studies where he graduated with a Socio-economic degree in 1984 and an MBA from the Southern Illinois University.

The businessman’s ideas were sparked by his working experience with binary system marketing after his studies in the UK.

Dr. Vijay Eswaran, the founder of the QI Group of Companies also acts as the company’s chairman and is an astute businessman. He started the company in 1998, with the principles of the Multi-level marketing upon his return to Malaysia. It later expanded to become one of the biggest Conglomerate companies. QI has since grown to be a multi-faceted company that deals with many sectors. They include the hospitality, commercial services, training, direct selling and retail trading. Its presence is felt in over ten countries with regional offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.

The Malaysian businessman started QNET, the key subsidiary in 1988. It has grown to become a global firm with offices in the Far East. The company has made significant strides in the world of Internet commerce and combines the traditional modes of doing business with the current trends.

Dr. Vijay’s vision during the initial stages was a firm where people’s power would be merged as a superior sales force combined with the internet reach. He, therefore, created an e-commerce platform that combined the old and the new methods of doing business.

Before the start of the firm, Vijay Eswaran, and his partners had a lot of brainstorming sessions to debate about the viable opportunities, and that would put them ahead of the competition. They used the numismatics and precious metals model which was based on the flourishing European markets goals. They bought the rights to trade in the commemorative coins in 1988 with the intention of using it in the Asian Pacific for Sydney 2000 Olympics. To the shock of the bemused competitors, they managed to get to the third slot in sales volume. This feat was propelled by the effect of web-based transactions combined with the human touch of direct sales.  Get a feel for Vijay’s management style in one of his YouTube speeches: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran speaks about Belief

Keith Mann Talks About How He Started His Company

Keith Mann has talked about how he started his company called Dynamic Search Partners, and it is very inspiring for people who are trying to start their own business. There are a lot of people who are trying to get their own businesses off the ground, but they do not know if they have an idea that is worth pursuing. They will learn that Keith Mann started his company because he was already working in finance, but he decided that he could fill a gap in the market pretty easily by just starting a new company. Dynamic Search Partners came in to help with searches for executives.

His company has been around for a while now, and he has pressed on knowing that he had a market for what he was doing. People that know they can work in a certain segment of the market should make sure that they have a chance to get something that will make their lives easier. They should be allowed a lot of good options for their companies to operate, and it is very important for people to do what Keith Mann did.

Someone who loves to be their own boss will be very good at filling a gap in the market, and it will be easy for people to get the help they need. Someone who wants to set up their business today should be sure that they review the market and figure out how they could do the work that they love to do. There is no reason to wait as Keith Mann has shown, and he helps a lot of people who are trying to learn how to manage their own companies. He knows that people will be able to get their lives going as he had when they take a chance to start their own company.

Additional News on Keith: