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There Pronged Improvement Strategy at White Shark Media

According to BBB.org, Even the things become outdated. That is why, each company, no matter how good their services are, they need to improve continually. There is no better way of improving other than through customer reviews, complaints, and general feedback. White Shark Media knows this, and this is how they have strategized.

Improve communication
Customers felt that communication was inadequate. They felt hat customer representatives could not answer questions related to the campaign. So to streamline this area, White Shark management set out these three ways.

1. Status calls every month
There will be status calls to every customer. This calls will regularly be scheduled preferably every month. In this calls, the customer will be furnished with all information related to his or her campaign. The client will have an opportunity to ask questions or seek clarification on any matter.

2. Direct phone extensions
Unlike earlier when all calls passed through the customer care representatives, confirmed calls from clients will be directed to relevant professionals who will respond to any of the matters or concerns that the customer may have. The customer will have an opportunity to ask anything.

3. Personal campaign manager
Each client will be assigned a competent manager. The manager will provide all point of contact services including organizing meetings, scheduling campaigns and other campaign specifics. The manager will also receive direct extension calls from clients. His or her work will, therefore, be to keep track of all the assigned campaigns to ensure they are successful. Read more: White Shark Media Profile and Client Reviews

Tracking of AdWords
Keeping track of AdWords can be a tricky affair. Customers want to do so. WSM offers three solutions to this problem.

1. Google analytics tools available
White shark will provide Google analytics to customers. The analytics will be customized and can be accessed through the company account. The analytics are customized so that they are easy to follow. One only needs to get an account.

2. Call tracking services available
You can also use the available call conversion tracker through the same account.

3. GoToMeeting with SEM consultants
These meetings are scheduled to offer a detailed account of the campaign. Customers have freedom to ask the expert anything regarding his or her campaign.

Better campaigns

1. Coordinated team campaigns
All campaigns will be optimized completely. Only experts will be given a chance to prepare this new campaigns to guarantee the success of every campaign.

2. Old campaigns remain intact
Past campaigns, if any, will continue to run alongside new campaigns. The customer can compare the two campaigns.

3. SEO advice
Since the company is still not offering SEO services, it will continue to provide tips on SEO services that are available from the market.