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Trump Advises Investors to Keep Away from Stock Market

Donald Trump isn’t only a presidential candidate. He’s a multi-billionaire real estate investor. But, he’s not considered to be a stock market guru, unlike his political and business critic Warren Buffet. What Buffet advised is not to listen to Trump- whatever he says.

Buffet is recognized as one of the best investors ever. And he said that throwing darts at stock pages would result in better returns than listening to Trump.

Still, Trump has some advice to stock market investors: Stay away. So far, he has warned investors of some very scary scenarios. So, it’s better to dump stocks, he thinks. “The only reason the stock market is where it is, is because you get free money,” said Trump.

In the past, the presidential candidate has criticized the Federal Reserve Bank for keeping interest rates too low. According to “CNN Money,” Trump has less than 10% of its net worth in the stock market.

So, to whom should investors listen? For real estate investing, they may listen to Donald Trump. After all, that’s his area of expertise. For stock market advice, it may be better to listen to Warren Buffet.

However, investors need to take into consideration that Buffet is a long-term investor. Also, the stock market valuations are high at present, while there’s economic uncertainty. And that goes against the advice to buy low and sell high.

Getting To The White House On Little Money

Donald Trump has proclaimed since he started his run for President of the United States that he has only used his money for the campaign. His first interview after the Republican contests were finished included statements about how much money he would need to get into the White House. Raising $1 billion is not necessary simply to get elected. There are hints that he won’t need half that amount to win the election.

An election for President of the United States is one that takes skill, determination and money as it’s expensive to get your name to the American people. Donald Trump has his own money, which is likely why he doesn’t want to take donations or use any kind of fundraising to get a lot of money from the people voting. If voters understand that they won’t have to financially support someone in the White House, then it could be a positive impact on the election. Those who know that they will have to pay taxes just to pay for the income of the man, or woman, in office will likely run the other way no matter who is on the ballot. Trump is a man who does understand money. He understands how to make it and how to spend it on things that will make more money. He might be the man the country needs in the economical department.

Donation Refused By Trump For Running Mate

Donald Trump could have had Newt Gingrich as his running mate. However, he refused to take $200 million in donations from those who want the man as Vice President. This is one of the smartest moves that Trump has made. He has always said that he has funded his campaign on his own. There has been no money received from outside parties. He has used his own money, which has probably been a benefit in his campaign. People have seen that he is a man who doesn’t need the money from the job as President. He is in the election to win because he cares about the country.

Gingrich wasn’t happy with the decision Trump made by not taking the money to have him as his running mate. He doesn’t care about his reasoning behind the decision. After the money was refused, Gingrichstarted saying negative things about Trump. It appears as though Gingrich only wanted to be the running mate to Trump to get his views heard and to have a say in how the country is run. Both men are powerful in the world of economics. The country doesn’t need two people who are ideal in the way of managing money. If Trump does succeed and is President, then he needs a Vice President who knows politics. This is probably the only way he will be able to manage the country.

Donald Trump Donation May Have Stopped Investigation in Texas

A former consumer protection official in Texas has come forward to state that he was ordered to stop an investigation into the operations of Trump University, a controversial entity once owned by presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump.

According to a June 4 report by the Associated Press, John Owens was Deputy Chief of Consumer Protection in Texas in 2010, which is when his state agency conducted a fraud inquiry into the defunct Trump University, a private learning institution that once offered a real estate investment curriculum.

At the time of the investigation, Owens was contemplating a lawsuit against Trump University as part of an effort to recover more than $2 million that former students claim they were cheated out of. It so happened that the State Attorney General at the time, Greg Abbott, ordered the investigation closed as soon as Trump University folded.

Three years after the aforementioned incident, Donald Trump donated $35,000 to the electoral campaign of Greg Abbott, who would eventually become Governor of the Lone Star State. Governor Abbott secured the Republican ticket and is thought to be a Trump endorser.

The sitting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has moved to silence Owens, and Governor Abbott’s office has issued a statement that seeks to dispel any connection between the Trump campaign donation and the order to suspend the investigation on Trump University.

In the meantime, presumptive candidate Trump has faced increased scrutiny about his former dealings with Trump University. He has stated that the fraud allegations filed in federal and state courts against Trump University are baseless.