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Reviewing Doug Levitt’s Latest Venture, The Greyhound Diaries

More often than less, celebrities crisscross the American landscape to sightsee and tour new places. The aim of such expeditions is usually to understand the historical progression of the American society and its culture. When faced with a national crisis in particular, Americans tend to unites regardless of their race or ethnicity. Poverty remains one of the most visible threats not only to the American society, but also to the entire human population.In a bid to highlight poverty in the American subcontinent, world-renowned artiste,

Doug Levitt recently organized an acclaimed tour, which he aptly named The Greyhound Diaries. He wanted to bring the issue of poverty to light. The reason behind undertaking the project is the fact that poverty exists throughout America in as much as it might not be as prevalent as it is in other parts of the world.

The Greyhound Diaries

The project was immensely successful due to the innovative strategies that Levitt employed to reach his audience. He embarked on a bus ride across the country, capturing the whole journey through photography works, music, and writing. His decision was based on the idea that those who tried to embark on similar projects always failed because they were out of touch with the reality. The only way of highlighting poverty to the global audience was through interactions with local communities.

Despite charting a new path altogether while undertaking his project, it was an instant success. This is owed to the fact that the message passed across resonates with most American citizens from low-income communities. This is not the first time that Doug is exploiting his artistry to highlight the plight of the less privileged. Throughout his career, he has been championing various causes.

Doug Levitt in Brief

The Cornell University and London School of Economics gave up a promising career in the field of journalism so that he could pursue his artistic interests. He hails from a political family, something that molded his activism. However, Levitt is renowned for being an award-winning singer and songwriter. His career in the music industry spans nearly 15 years. During this time, he has recorded inspirational and mind-evoking songs under the guidance of producer, David Henry.


Comparative Law And Its Role In Constitutional Development

Developing laws to be used in a country or an institution is a process that demands research and an understanding of the different types of laws as applied in other jurisdictions. A constitution is a set of laws that are written to help in governing the ways of a community and it is an essential tool that helps to grant citizens rights.

It creates opportunities for people to interact and work together in a system that ensures there is seamless access to vital resources and services. Without rules to describe how communities should live, there would be complexities and confusion in the way people transact and work together.

Professors of law and scholars from across the world value the relevance of research and understanding while drafting new laws. It is necessary to tour places where the similarities you have in your community are found to understand the kind of laws they use to create a harmonious and successful community. With this information, it is possible to draft useful laws that help to govern the way different functions relate within communities.

Comparative law is an emerging field of law that derives its application from the need to borrow and compare laws used in different regions. Its application began in the early 18th century when some scholars based in Europe decided to explore the kinds of laws used in other regions to gain understanding of the relevance such laws have on governing and directing vital functions.

While pursuing comparative law, government agencies and experts are able to discover vital parts of law used by another government and through this borrowing of information they can improve existing laws.

Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is among professionals whose careers have been built around helping to bring peace and prosperity to the world. He specializes as a comparative law professor and has authored different books addressing issues in constitutional development and curing conflicts. Sujit Choudhry is a passionate researcher and he directs his focus on matters to do with constitutional development and design of government functions.

During conflicts in several countries across the world, he was invited to help in the development of constitutional laws. He also took part in missions while developing constitutions for countries like South Africa, Jordan, Libya, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Tunisia among others. His skills as a comparative law expert have been useful in such situations and he advises huge institutions like the World Bank and the UN on matters constitutional development.

The Success of Don Ressler in his Entrepreneurship Undertakings

Don Ressler is a businessperson, who is known for his limitless innovation. He is highly skilled business and has established many prosperous companies such as Intelligence beauty. The debut enterprise that he founded was FitnessHeaven.com, and after its growth, it became acquired by the Intermix Media. Mr. Don Ressler then started Alena Media with help from Adam Goldenberg, who worked for Intermix Media as its COO. The firm was dedicated to giving its clients the best e-business and market demonstration services. Alena Media developed at a fast rate into a profitable company, and its ownership was transferred to the News Corp in 2005. The performance of the company diminished due to mismanagement.

Goldenberg and Don Ressler left the business and began looking for new enterprises that they could venture. The two business moguls have adequate knowledge on the administration of online marketing business, and therefore, they applied their expertise to start a new company that they managed anonymously. They joined efforts with the former employees of the Alena Media to establish Brand Ideas. After a while, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler changed the company’s name to Intelligent Beauty. The enterprise has not successfully made it in the market. However, it has created two subsidiaries, DERMSTORE and SENSA, which have been highly profitable. SENSA is a specialist in weight loss solutions, while the main products that DERMSTORE deals with are skin care and cosmetics. Intermix’s founder became the chief executive officer of the Intelligent Beauty, while Dr. Alan Hirsch headed the manufacture of the commodities.

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Don Ressler of Fabletics
For Intelligent Beauty’s Adam Goldenberg And Don Ressler, Early Departure From MySpace Paid Off

In 2010, Intelligent Beauty started another startup, which is known as JustFab. The opening of the business was supported using $33 million, which it received from Matrix Partner. Its penetration into the market was swift, and it got more than 4 million members within the first few months. The clients of the firm had increased to 6 million by April 2010. The credible progress of the business enabled it to receive an additional funding of $76 million from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, and Intelligence Beauty.

JustFab needed to keep growing by increasing it subscribers, and therefore, it open FabKids in January 2013. It then acquired Fab Shoes, which is a popular e-commerce website in Europe. JustFab used the acquisition to penetrate the European market and the countries that it mainly covered are Spain, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. It got three million more members from Europe by the end of 2013. The firm also started Fabletics that offers athletic wear, and it was given a $40 million funding. Approximately $250 million has been used in the development of JustFab.

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Jason Hope And His Predictions For Technology

Jason Hope's Technology Predictions Jason Hope is an entrepreneur from Scottsdale in Arizona. He recently spoke about the internet and whether it is capable of living up to the hype. Writers are divided on this question. Some believe that the internet has already peaked, while others think technology is heading for an extremely slow yet steady death.

Jason does not agree, and considering his knowledge and experience on this subject, his opinion is quite important. He has taken his extensive knowledge in the field of technology and it’s future possibilities and made a well earned and highly deserved reputation as a futurist. He has made a prediction that if the internet developer’s continue to work in a way that has logic and consistency, the internet will indeed live up to the hype.

Jason Hope has supplied numerous reasons supporting his views. He feels the internet has the ability to help us to improve our overall health. Many have stated that this is not possible but others say the tools provided by the internet can give us the help needed to live much healthier lives. Fitness trackers are just one example of a tool that allows individuals to make better choices regarding living actively.

Jason has explored more aspects in relation to health. He has written that when the individuals who practice health care add the internet to the way they run their practice, they are able to receive important information regarding their patients health. This will make the quality received in medical care even better. Monitoring of a physician’s patients can also be accomplished online, eliminating the need for these patients to make weekly trips into the office.

Another point Jason Hope writes in his blog is how the internet has improved businesses. Technology can regulate the temperature in a freezer and result in the preservation of large amounts of food. The communication between machines is a significant technology because a plant’s end product can be perfected without the need to hire more employees.

There are many more benefits adding to the factors Jason outlines when predicting what is going to happen with the future of the internet. With proper development, the internet can take technology and use it to make the hype a reality.

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Mr. Todd’s Successful Investment Story in the Real Estate Industry

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication from Syracuse University in 1995. He studied at Peddie School, high school in New Jersey. Todd Lubar joined Crestar Mortgage Cooperation after completing his university education. He worked with Crestar Mortgage Cooperation for four years. Todd Lubar later joined Legacy Financial in 1999. In this company, he made sure that there were significant growth and an increase in productivity in the enterprise. The loan volume of Legacy Financial Group’s Maryland office increased to several million dollars. There was also a significant increase in the number of investors that got attracted to the company.

Todd Lubar opened a company known as Legacy Properties, LLC in 2002. It enabled him to have more focus and a clear view of the real estate industry. His company mainly focused on selling, purchase, rehabilitation and profiting of transactions that exceed 200 properties. It also has a focus on single family and multi-unit family properties. Todd managed to create good relations with the individuals in the banking industry and property developers. Through is hard work he managed to earn their trust and could get funding of up to two hundred million dollars.

Charter Funding offered Todd Lubar a job as their Senior Vice President. Charter Funding is a sister company of a financial company known as First Magnus Financial Cooperation. Through this, he managed to access lots of wealth, programs, and products that he used to expand his business. He worked at the company for five years and left in 2007. After 12 years of working in the real estate industry, Todd identified a gap that needed to be filled. To fill this gap, Todd opened Legendary Financial LLC. Through this company, Todd managed to serve clients of different social classes. Todd Lubar even used his money to lend the less fortunate individuals who could not be given loans from the bank.

Todd has got a unique gift that allows him to access risks and make decisions that best suit a given market condition. Through these skills he has managed to identify loans that best suit him. It has enabled Todd Lubar to run his business successfully without making losses.