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The Midas Legacy Provides Beneficial Services

Are you wondering how to go about starting your own business or amassing a fortune in the stock market? Want to start investing in real estate or other lucrative opportunity? Perhaps you have read about The Midas Legacy and the top resources the company provides to wealth seekers and other ambitious individuals.

The Midas Legacy has been providing wealth advisory services for many years and has a great reputation among customers and clients. The company coordinates a team of investment and financial services professionals and successful entrepreneurs to create well researched information products products to teach their members how to achieve success. The company performs thorough research on a vast range of money making and wealth building topics and presents the results to their members and clients.

While The Midas Legacy provides research services to customers and members, wealth management advisory is their main area of concentration. Investment research and information products publishing are a top priority at The Midas Legacy. They staff work hard to provide people the information they need to accomplish their objective and reach their ultimate goal of financial freedom.

The research team and product creation experts at The Midas Legacy on LinkedIn are professionals who have achieved tremendous success in their fields. These include experienced investors, online marketers, real estate experts and other entrepreneurs who are dedicated to helping others become successful.

If you want to learn how to make money or to become a successful investor, The Midas Legacy is the right place for you. You will have access to resources that teach you about wealth building, starting a business, growing a business, investing in lucrative opportunities, and much more.

Wealth advisory or related matters, available from The Midas Legacy has been helping people around the world, and you can benefit tremendously if you put what you learn to work. The Midas Legacy’s professionals have the resources and expertise to advise and guide you on your way to financial success. There is also a wealth of information about attaining optimal health or boosting your energy level, including natural remedies books.

The Midas Legacy has an established history of providing the most reliable, informative guides, books and courses that cover business and health topics. And these materials are presented in a simple, easy-to-follow, easy-to-understand format. To learn more about The Midas Legacy and its team of highly recommended professionals, simply have a look at the website.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: https://twitter.com/themidaslegacy

United Income Aims at Offering Exceptional Retirement Advice

Most people nearing or in retirement seek advice from financial professionals on issues such as saving for retirement, applying for Social Security benefits, and acquisition of mortgages. Most often, the advisors offer biased answers tailored to market their own products. Therefore, the Department of Labor has moved swiftly to provide a permanent solution for this issue by implementing a new rule that requires the advisors to offer guidance on retirement accounts that are in the best interests of customers.

Matt Fellowes opinions

Matt Fellowes is a previous employee of Brookings Institution who founded Hello Wallet, a financial wellness firm back in 2010. Fellowes believes that with ideal software, he can offer cost-effective retirement solutions. He has already relinquished his Chief Innovation Officer position at Morningstar Inc. (which purchased HelloWallet back in 2014 at $52.5 million) to dedicate his effort in the creation of a beta form of that software.

Capital source

Fellowes will use $500 million raised from Morningstar’s seed capital, wealthy relatives, and his pocket to develop the software and launch it in 2017 specifically in the first quarter. While most fintech startups target the youths, Fellowes is targeting aging adults who are nearing retirement or already retired. . Originally posted on Forbes

Unlike his previous investing startups, which have funny names such as HelloWallet, Acorns, Digit, and Betterment, Fellowes’ current venture has a serious name: United Income. He believes that people who are approaching or in retirement have a high probability of paying for advice than their children and grandchildren. United Income will serve as an investment advisor registered with the SEC.