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Beautiful Nine9 Stories of Success

Endless amounts of talented and creative individuals are having amazing experiences of success with Nine9 Unagency. This agency helps propel success and expose talents of every age, color and or background. There is no spark of talent that goes unnoticed with this special agency. What sets Nine9 apart is their modern, innovative and caring touch.

What truly makes Nine9 different from other Talent Agencies is the range of industry professionals that have a mindset of no project is too big or too small to handle. Each talented and unique individual is worth having a shot at their dreams. As Nine9 offers a FREE serviece to find talent to book, the passion and possibilities are completely boundless.

A vibrant young lady by the name of Kennay M.(Talent ID:129443) shares her success of how on her very first day of signing up, finds a wonderful surprise that even within a few hours Kennay already had a few auditions. She felt she was “off to a great start.” click here.

Bobby L.(Talent ID:1125055) shows how grateful he is to the Nine9 Unagency giving them a ten star rating out of five, although he admits to being skeptical about signing up initially due to his experience with other casting agencies and having no success and the professionalism was not at all there. Bobby says, however Nine9’s personnel was completely professional also having the passion and spirit to always want to help move everyone on to the next step of their dreams.

The cutest little fashionista named Lorena C. (Talent ID:119304) says she is very happy with her projects and looks forward to many more and excitedly announces she has been hired by Black Fashion Week U.S.A and continues to say “I keep working to make my dreams come true”.

These success stories and many more were shared on Nine9 Talent Agency Unagency home page where you just might be surprised of how many countless inspiring stories you may encounter.

Check Out The Latest Products From Lime Crime

I love expressing myself through vibrant colors, and I have quite the makeup collection scattered on my vanity. My favorite brand without a doubt is Lime Crime. The company has released several new products that I am excited to add to my collection.


I want to discuss the Diamond Crushers first, which I have already added to my collection. It is designed to add a sparkling effect to your look without running or drying. You can wear the Diamond Crushers by itself or over your lipstick, and I prefer to wear it over my liquid matte lipstick. My favorite shades are Cheap Thrill, Fluke and Black Unicorn.


I have not tried the Hi-Lite Palettes yet, but I hope to try them out soon. The Hi-Lite Palettes add a glow to your skin without taking away from your natural tone. The Opals set features Pink, Gold and Peach shades, and the Blossoms set features Warm Gold, Lavender and Sunset shades. I am going to try the Opals set first because I love the pink and peach colors.


The Superfoils have been out for several months, but I have only tried one duo to date. How could I resist the Tutu En Pointe Superfoils? Pink, purple and peach are my favorite makeup shades, and this set features Periwinkle Purple and Rose Gold shades. I usually wear my Superfoils by itself, and I am still experimenting on wearing it with regular eyeshadow.


The Pop On Nails are not at the top of my list for trying new Lime Crime products, but I do plan to try at least one set in the future. The beautiful colors and pop-on style would save me time on painting my own nails. It only takes ten minutes to press the nails on with the adhesive, and they are designed to look and feel like real nails. I want to try the Baby Baby set, which is a Champagne Iridescent shade.


Lime Crime is always coming out with amazing products, and sometimes it is hard to keep up with them. I cannot wait to expand my collection with my favorite shades. https://www.instagram.com/limecrimemakeup/?hl=en

Susan McGalla: Working Hard And Being Careful

Many people talk about obstacles when they set out towards goals of their own. However, they are not aware of the different types of obstacles that could come to some people. Often times, there are people who try to help but don’t know what they are doing. It is up to the person who is pursuing his goals to make sure that the person knows what he is doing before getting involved. There are a lot of cases when people try to get involved in someone else’s journey only to set them back a bit. Fortunately, there is a way around it.


Susan McGalla herself is faced with this type of obstacle being the owner of a large business. She has things that she could do in order to make sure that the person helping is able to understand and respect her needs. She also knows how to look out for opportunities that are a good match. The best thing to do is look at the opportunity and decide whether or not to take it on account of whether or not it is going to get one closer to the goals or not. Just the wrong turn could undo all of the progress that one has made with her goals.


One of the reasons that Susan McGalla is careful is that she has come to realize that she has a secret chest within her that only she could unlock. The same is true for everyone. Each person has a hidden potential that they can unlock. All it requires is them knowing how to unlock the potential that they need to succeed at their goals. Susan McGalla is also willing to teach others the value of discovering their true potential and unlocking it so that they can achieve many great things in their lives.