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Growing Your Fortune With the Experts

Business Insider has collected some tips that help people grow their wealth. Financial planners in general emphasize that objectivity and passion in your career are major factors in helping your wealth grow. If we do not like our job, it is unlikely we will put the effort into it to make it succeed. Finding the job that you love can be challenging, particularly if your particular set of strengths are not what the market strongly desires. If you can modify your market by moving overseas, or getting more training, that can help.


To assess what your strengths are, ask yourself the following question:


  1. What do I love to do so much that I do not need to get paid to do it?

Think over your day carefully. What do you love to do? What gives you enjoyment and pleasure in your hobbies? What did you want to be when you were a child? Although this might seem unrealistic, if you work in a field you love, it is far more likely you will become wealthy.


To assess what your market is, ask yourself the following question:


  1. Who strongly demands what I love to do?


This may require you to move, even out of your country. Figure out who your market is for your particular gifting. Many people choke their own growth by being unwilling to go on adventures to meet their actual market. They try to adapt to their local market, which does not demand their passion. This leads them into an unfulfilling and stressful career. Be flexible, and find the market of people who are eagerly interested in your particular skills, so much so that they will pay you.


  1. What are my competitors afraid to do to meet our special market?


This final question opens the door to a higher income and more opportunities. Figure out who your competitors are. If you are a savvy salesman, then they are other salespeople. If you are an amazing artist, then they are other artists. If you are a skilled mechanic, then they are other skilled mechanics. What are your competitors afraid to do to meet the need of your market? Possibilities might be move overseas, suffer, take low pay, work long hours, start their own business, risk failure, give generously, or learn a new language. Doing all these things in your particular field will make you wealthy.


Getting Your Finances in Shape Right Now

Getting your finances straight takes time. So many people look at where they are and wonder if it is possible to get out of the debt that they are in. It is similar to the person that wants to lose weight. They wonder if this is possible, but many people don’t take the time to make the initial steps to changing their course.


The big thing that people have to realize is that there are only two directions that a person can go in with their finances. A person that has been looking for a chance to improve their finances should typically start with their budgets. This is going to the thing that makes people realize what their cash flow looks like. Money is coming in and going out of household, but many people do not realize where their money is going.


When people take the time to look at their finances they will realize that the money that they are making is not always enough to cover the expenses that they have. This is often the reason that so many people find themselves in debt so quickly. They have no real idea of what they are spending their money on. Credit card debt can be handled in a very different way when people realize that they can use their money in in smarter ways. People will seldom resist the urge to overspend when they do not realize that they are overspending in the first place.


It is also important to stop the regular impulse buys when you want to improve your finances. People that do not want to blow their budgets will see the benefits of staying away from the impulse buys. This doesn’t come overnight though. People that want to get their finances in shape must train themselves. They must ask themselves if they really need the things that they are buying. So many people fall victim to clever advertising. It is going to be better to turn off the television and stay away from the magazine print ads if this tempts you to buy things that you don’t need.

These are the quick steps that people need to consider if they are going to really make a change and improve their finances.

Americans Are Not Saving Enough

Down through the years there has been talk about how Americans need to save 10 to 15 percent of their income each month for retirement. Somewhere Americans have lost their way. In the United States the average household is only saving 5 percent of their income. It doesn’t take much to realize that this is not enough to take care of emergencies that may occur. What is more alarming is that this is far from what people need when it comes to retirement.


It is a sign that most Americans are not really saving for retirement. They are simply getting by on the money that they make. Many are not even doing that because they are also throwing credit cards in the mix to pay for gas and food. Americans are not spending on lavish items with credit cards. Many are just racking up interest on dining out and everyday living.


Americans aren’t are saving properly, but there is still time. The thing that people have to realize is that there are corrective actions that must be taken. The best thing that people can do is save for the retirement as soon as they start working. That is usually where everything goes wrong. When kids do not grow up and learn how to save they become a lot less responsible with their money. As time progresses these kids will become adults that still do not realize the value of saving. That is why it starts early. Adults need to teach their children how to save money. They need to learn about banking and the importance of having money for emergencies.


Adults that are working right now will not be able to depend on social security. It may be available. It may not be available. People that have been working for decades do not need to waste all of their money. If they do not take the time to save the money upfront they are just going to find themselves retiring from one job to go right to another job.


It is important to know how to save and get involved with investors that can help sort out a portfolio. This is the only way to maximize your savings and build a retirement plan for yourself.

Why Did I Save At Laidlaw & Company To Buy A Beach House?

It is actually a beach bungalow and not a beach house, but it is still something that I have been able to dream about because of the work I have done with Laidlaw & Company. They have been great for me once they explained to me that they are more than an investment company. I wanted to be able to save money for a bungalow that is down near the beach that we can use any time we want. It is not a large structure, but it is perfect for sitting by the beach for a couple days when we need it.

I called and talked to Matthew Eitner and James Ahern first, and they sent me off to a broker who knew just what I was looking for. Matthew Eitner knew that we needed to be kind of aggressive with our investments, and James Ahern showed us that we could buy the bungalow outright if we were willing to follow the financial plan they had. I was glad to stick to the plan, and I was glad to know that that the broker was just as invested in this as we were.

I have been checking in with my Laidlaw broker to learn about how much money I am earning, and we are very close to our goal. We actually already bought the bungalow because we are going to make our final payment as soon as all the money comes in. That is why we are using Laidlaw & Company. They know how to help us earn the money that needs to be earned, and they know to help us when we have special needs. There is no reason for us to do anything other than what our broker tells us, and Laidlaw & Company has proven that they are trusthworthy.