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Andrew Rolfe Pushes for Reliable Education Fund from Ubuntu

Sometimes, even after achieving a cash flow for nonprofit endeavors most innovators find that all this money is not being used to change the lives of people as they intended in the first place. Lief is the founding and managing director of Ubuntu education fund, which is specifically meant to help children in Port Elizabeth in South Africa. He changed his strategy and began rejecting funding that came from donors with a ton of restrictions on how the money should be used. Instead, he began to scout for other ways that he could best serve the children, which was his intention in the first place when setting up the charity initiative.


Jacob says that the foundation now works and partners with high net worth individuals and family foundations who have a great understanding of how restricted funding may not necessarily meet their intended purposes. He appreciates that despite the organization fund being lesser than before, it sis able to achieve more and affect the lives of the children in a better way. The Ubuntu model, which is the organization’s strategy, is to work closely with individual families and entire communities to help provide education, stability and health to those who need it as a way of escaping poverty.


It is not always easy for nonprofits to find donors that are willing to offer funding with no strings attached. While some donors may want to specify the projects for which their funds are to be used, others want to be part of the management and oversight of how the organization is run. Sometimes having dollars as part of the board can be very helpful especially if they have any relevant experience.


For Ubuntu, Andrew Rolfe has been such talent. He is the chair of the board of directors of Ubuntu foundation and a major part in ensuring that funding to the association is given without restrictions. Andrew Rolfe is one of the steady donors of the foundation that is providing suitable leadership. Rolfe has contributed over 100000 dollars to the fund since 2011. His skills in managing donor funds were achieved from St. Edmund hall in Oxford where Andrew Rolfe graduated with a M. A.