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Keith and Keely Mann Team Up To Launch New Scholarship

Every student deserves the right to a great education. While all student deserves a great education it is not always a reality for many students in Brooklyn, New York. These students struggle with being able to afford college and have to seek out alternative ways to get that money. Many of these ways come in the shape of scholarships that are available within your community.

Keith Mann, CEO of Dynamics Search Partners has teamed up with his wife Keely Mann to announce the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship was designed to recognize new business leaders. In order to identify these new leaders they have teamed up with Uncommon Schools based out of New York. This scholarship will be awarded to one high school senior who will graduate from Uncommon School.

Applicants are tasked with the responsibility of writing 1,000 word-essay about why they feel receiving a college degree can help them achieve their educational and professional goals. For years Keith and Keely Mann they have always had a passion for young leaders.

The Mann’s scholarship is open until March 2016. The winner of the scholarship competition will be awarded $5,000.00.

Keith Mann has been in the executive search industry for over 15 years. He has long been a go to expert for hedge funds, staffing and human resource staffing needs. In 2002 Keith launched the Alternative Investment Practice, In 2006 he extended to Dynamic Search Partners and in 2009 he expanded even further.