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Stock Markets Fall Worldwide

Markets Dropping All Over the Planet After Brexit

After the shocking result of voting in the UK that led to what is called the “Brexit,” the world felt the result of this almost immediately.

As a whole, the global stock market lost close to $2 trillion on Friday after the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. Though the huge hit to the economy was easily seen and felt, it would only get worse as stock markets are continuing to fall way down.

The S&P 500 closed down to 2% on Monday only after falling by 3.5% that Friday. For Dow Jones, there was a 261 point drop off, signaling a pretty significant 3% drop almost instantly after the end of voting. The UK had it even worse, as the pound fell to just $1.32 per pound, a low that hadn’t been seen in thirty-one years but now is apparent after the Brexit vote.

Analysts are all but certain that a recession will hit in the near future, some at Goldman Sachs saying it could happen as early as 2017, and that they “sharply” cut down on their growth forecast for the UK. A reason they feel this will take place is due to the trouble that will be encountered when exporting banking and financial services to the EU. There was also the fact that uncertainty surrounds everything, most notably what deal the UK will get and also when the UK exit process will officially begin.