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Goettl Air Conditioning, the Best HVAC Service Provider

Goettl Air Conditioning is a leading air conditioning and heating company based in Phoenix, AZ that offers a wide range of residential and commercial comfort services throughout Phoenix. Some of the services they offer include air conditioning installation, repair, replacement and maintenance, heating system installation, repair and maintenance, installation of humidifiers and air cleaners, duct sealing and duct cleaning services and commercial HVAC installation, repair and maintenance. Their services are topnotch and their staff and technicians always strive to meet their clients’ expectations.

Goettl Air Conditioning has been in this industry for more than half a century and therefore knows all there is to know about HVAC systems. Their lines are open 24/7 and there will always be someone on hand to assist you. The company has a Facebook page, Goettl Air Conditioning, which is one of the platforms on which they interact with their clients. They share information on their ongoing offers and other fun and informative content for all to read. You can also get their contact information and find out more about their products and services on the page.

Goettl’s Excellent Leadership

The president and Chief Executive Officer of Goettl Air Conditioning, Mr. Ken Goodrich, has over two decades’ experience in the HVAC and plumbing industries. It is no wonder then that the company continues to flourish under his excellent leadership. Mr. Goodrich is in the business of taking over distressed companies and helping them back on their feet, which is exactly what he did with Goettl Air Conditioning. He bought the company, which was then in a shambles, in December 2012 and revamped its customer experience and service offering. He worked hard to help the company rebuild the public’s trust and restore the integrity of the brand. Mr. Goodrich has been the president and CEO of the company for almost 4 years now.

Bottom Line

Goettl Air Conditioning has built a flawless reputation over the years it has been in business. It is now a household name in Phoenix, AZ and has built an excellent relationship of trust with its clients. Its clientele continues to grow due to the high quality of services they offer. At Goettl Air Conditioning, the clients come first. The technicians and staff at Goettl are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that clients are happy with the products and services they receive. Whether you need residential or commercial HVAC services, Goettl Air Conditioning is the company to call.

Taking A/C Services a Step Further

If you live anywhere that has a warm or tropical climate you know just how important having air conditioning is. For those that live in the sweltering desert of beautiful Arizona, air conditioning is nothing short of precious. In many cases, having the air conditioner stop working is not just unpleasant and uncomfortable, it is down right dangerous. Therefore, it is curcial that those people always have a top-qualoty air conditioning company on hand in case something terrible should happen causing their air condtioning to stop working.

Goettl Air Conditioning and The Sunny Plumber: Good Deed Brings Cool Relief

One such air conditioning company in the Pheonix, Arizona area is Goettl Air Condtioning. They have been in the news lately because the owner, Ken Goodrich, recently helped a student and veteran get a leg up in his career by giving him a donation, according to a recent press release published by PRN Newswire. According to that same release, this award was actually the second that Goodrich has given. Additionally he also sponsors a scholarship program for students that are pursuing a career in the air conditioning technology field.

“I’ve learned through the course of my career people coming out of the military make good employees,” Goodrich said. “This scholarship is a good opportunity to help put good people start out strong in the HVAC industry.”

Through contributions like these, Goodrich is helping to ensure that the quality of professionals that are entering the field are of good quality. He wants to be sure that his customers are receiving the best quality of products, services, and customer service from each and every one of his team members. By investing in their education, he is investing in his clients too.

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