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Renown Health Opens Family Clinic at South Reno

Renown Health is a modern healthcare in the United States. The company was established several years ago, and it has changed the lives of many people in the country. Not long ago, the health care company announced that it had plans to open a family practice clinic. The institution says that the new clinic will be found at The Summit Mall, South Reno. Renown has said that the clinic will start by spring this year.

Dr. McCormack is the current medical director at the prestigious Renown Medical Group. In a recent interview, McCormack told the public that the new family clinic would be perfectly designed to give patients a comfortable and inviting setting they have been longing for. People who will be seeking services from the hospital have been promised the best services.

Individuals visiting the new clinic will be welcomed by a great space that resembles their living room. The management has promised patients that there will be a conference where the staff and the patients can confer and discuss matters concerning health. There will be very flexible services to the clients. The consumer will get all the services that are provided in the modern healthcare setting.

After the election of the new president of America to the office, there has been some uncertainty health care world. Many people do not know how Donald Trump’s office will affect the medical department in the country. During the campaigns, Donald Trump promised the citizens that he was going to repeal and replace the Obamacare. These changes have not yet taken place up to date. The new South Renown medical facility will have eleven experienced members of staff. More doctors and nurses are expected to join the center to cater to the growing demand of patients. The professionals are experienced and well trained, and they will give high-quality services to learn more: https://www.indeed.com/q-Renown-Health-l-Reno,-NV-jobs.html click here.

The Copa Star Has People Talking All Around the World

The business world has many areas that are considered vital to the day-to-day activities that go on in the world. One of the areas in the business world that is very important to millions of people but is rarely thought of as a business area is the medical field. There are thousands of people every day that seek medical assistance in cities both large and small. However, very few people think of the medical field as a part of the business world.

The medical field is an area of the business world that is thought of differently than almost all other business areas. The idea of medical assistance is something that many people have a hard time combining with business. An aspect of the medical field where medical assistance and business meet together on a daily basis is the hospital. For generations, the hospital has served as a central part of the medical field. It is one of the few places where all components of the medical profession come together to help serve people’s medical needs.

Read more: http://maringa.odiario.com/economia/2017/01/copa-star-o-hospital-5-estrelas-da-rede-dor-sao-luiz/2318044/

The hospital is where many people go to receive medical help from simple bump and bruises to more serious medical needs. While the hospital is a focal point of the medical field, many people who seek medical assistance do not think of the hospital as a place of business. Although this has been the case for many years, the idea of the hospital as business is starting to take hold in many communities. One of the reasons why the hospital is starting to be considered more of a business than a medical environment is the way that hospitals are ran today.

Many hospitals today are run more from a business standpoint than a medical standpoint. The public is noticing this more. Regarding hospitals, many aspects of hospitals are starting to be handled differently. A traditional part of the hospital is the appearance. In recent years, newer hospitals have started to shift away from the traditional look. There are numerous hospital administrators who have very different views about how hospitals should look, operate, and function compared to hospitals administrators from a generation ago.

A hospital that many people have noted as a point of reference to the changing views of the hospital is the Copa Star in Brazil. The Hospital Copa Star is far from the traditional hospital in terms of appearance and purpose. The Copa Star looks more like a five star hotel rather than a conventional hospital.

The Copa Star has a grand look of luxury that provides a totally different environment for visitors and patients at the hospital.

The Copa Star fills the role of providing quality medical care while offering first class service to everyone who enters the Copa Star. This includes patients, visitors, and employees. The Copa Star is a new look at how hospitals are built and ran. View the design at rafarquitetura.com.

Three Brazilian Companies Form E-governe To Help Brazil Recover

Brazil is a mess. Just ask a few of the 207 million people in the country, and they won’t hold back. Inflation is destroying wages and unemployment figures continue to rise. Gross Domestic Product growth is a negative number. The new president has good ideas, but he is facing an enormous uphill battle when it comes to changing the mentality, and the political views that keep Brazil from becoming all it can be on the world economic stage.



Brazil is an important trading partner. The country is an emerging market that can’t seem to emerge from a devastating recession. Other nations have high hopes for Brazil, but Brazil is its own enemy and that must change. President Temer and city officials in Sao Paulo, Rio, Porto Alegre, and Salvador are developing creative solutions to get the country’s economy moving again. Sao Paulo wants the tech company, E-governe to help in establishing new education and administration initiatives.



E-governe is a modern tech company that uses algorithms, data security, and other programs to get cities back on track in terms of productivity and economic growth. E-governe has an Educacao School Management System that helps schools teach children in a modern way. Brazil needs help educating children. The illiteracy rate is not acceptable. Sao Paulo city officials know they must find creative ways to educate students. The E-governe system uses creative technology that helps students learn.



Three companies had an idea, and they are working together to establish E-governe as one of the tech companies in Brazil that will make a difference. Those three companies use the E-governe name to show how important e-commerce and new technology are in the ever-changing world of education and administration. Those three companies are Consult, Sisterplan, and Minauro Informatica. Those companies have expertise in different areas, but when they work together and form the basis for E-governe systems, the results are incredible. Minauro is a software company, Consult is a tech company, and Sisterplan is an information company.



The city of Sao Paulo is rolling out the Educacao School Management System in 138 city schools, and the plan is to use the system in all city schools. Brazil must do a better job educating students if the country wants to grow in the future. The E-governe system will help Sao Paulo grow, and the plan is to use E-governe in other cities to make the education process more cohesive.



Brazil has work to do when it comes to educating students. The country also has work to do reforming government systems. E-governe is one of the companies that will help Brazil make a comeback from the crippling recession. But E-governe will also help Brazil embrace a new way of performing social and governmental tasks. Brazil is in a rebuilding mode and E-governe is in a position to make the rebuilding process more effective. A country is only as strong as its systems, and E-governe has a platform that builds strength, and effectiveness in education and administrative procedures. https://www.facebook.com/pages/E-Governe/325368564267182

Maggie Gill and the growth of Memorial Health

Maggie Gill, the CEO of Memorial Health is an alumnus of the Florida State University where he graduated with her bachelor’s degree. Later, Maggie Gill attended the Florida’s Saint Leo University for her MBA. In addition, Maggie Gill completed management and strategic thinking course work at Wharton School. She then proceeded to feature a robust career in leadership in several medical facilities in Georgia and Florida. She has additionally established a strong reputation as one who cares about the people and a pioneer in the medical environment.

In 2014, Maggie Gill was hired as the vice president of the Memorial Medical Center with the responsibility of finance and managed care. She was, after one year, promoted to the CEO’s position at the entity. With her experience and skills, Maggie Gill featured impressive work and Memorial Health named her the CEO and president in 2011. With the position, she was responsible for all the physicians and vice presidents of the facility. She was additionally responsible for physician relations, government relations, preoperative, trauma services, cooperate communications, financial assistance, internal audits, orthopedic, and neuroscience programs, and the Heart & Vascular Institute facilities management as well as Memorial Health University Physicians.

Prior to moving into Memorial University Medical Center, Maggie Gill served as the CEO of Tenet South Florida Health System for five years. During her tenure, she was voted for three times as the Tenet Outstanding CFO. While working with Tenet, Maggie Gill worked at Hialeah’s Palmetto General Hospital in Florida, Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables and the North Shore Medical Center in Miami. The quality of Gill’s work at the different facilities propagated her career success, including her current leadership and official position at the Memorial University Medical Center.

Maggie Gill features a truly impressive body of work. Aside from assisting the facilities that she has been in charge of to offer excellent quality service, Maggie Gill has also targeted her work towards making sure the communities around where she works have access to the services, staff, and facilities they need. In addition, Maggie has shown profound commitment to aiding more students receive the necessary medical training to make them valuable in their communities.

Brian Torchin is on a Mission to Redefine Healthcare Recruitment

Brian Torchin is a medical industry maven and is currently the president of a healthcare recruiting service named Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC). He began his healthcare career establishing and managing offices in Philadelphia, Florida and Delaware. He has also expanded his area of service overseas.

The goal of HCRC is to provide healthcare facilities with optimum staff members. They provide staffing for all shifts, day and night and weekday and weekends and help assure clients of timely communication with physicians as well as medical clients. HCRC also offers several additional services to medical practices, specifically chiropractic private practices and hospitals in need of filling chiropractic positions.

Torchin’s expertise comes from his work as a physician of chiropractic practice. He earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He worked for many years in the chiropractic field and realized finding jobs could be quite challenging. Unlike other fields and industries, the medical field does not always list their available employment opportunities publicly. He saw that as a gap that needed to be filled and he set about a course of action to do just that. The ultimate goal of HCRC is to bring hospitals and medical professionals together and help both sides make meaningful connections.

He is the guiding force behind HCRC channeling his vast experience to offer a well rounded service to the medical community. He offers insight through his blog to hiring potential employees as well as determining if a particular practice is patient friendly. He stresses employing a welcoming environment for potential new patients. The patients must see that they are important to the business and without them there would be no business.

The greatest challenge Torchin faces is finding effective and efficient staff quickly. Each day staff is not in place is a day the business is not billing and that can translates to dollars lost and patients not being treated in a timely manner. Brian Torchin prides himself in putting appropriate staff together for clients within 48 hours.

Torchin has become an experienced professional and has been a significant cog in the in the growth of Healthcare Recruitment Counselors. He maintains a positive outlook on life and the world of business even when the economic climate becomes a challenge. He is always attentive to details and that has become his hallmark in his career. Brian Torchin believes one of the keys to success for HCRC is to build and maintain long term relationships with clients. He provides clients and employees with timely and effective solutions to their healthcare staffing needs while always being respectful of the client’s wishes.