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Michael Zomber: The Collector of Fine Antique Arms and Armor

Michael Zomber is a man of many talents. He’s an Author, film maker, and philanthropist, but most of all, he collects and deals in antique arms and armor; he’s also an avid collector of samurai swords as well. He’s been collecting antique firearms and armor for more than forty years. He’s written countless books about his endeavor, and these include historical novels and screenplays; he was also a guest historian on the History channels series “Tales of the Gun.” But his extensive knowledge for rare and antiquated firearms doesn’t stop there; he’s also well known for his love of Japanese samurai swords. So much so that he wrote his own non-fiction novel titled “Jesus and the Samurai” about them and even directed a critically acclaimed documentary titled “Soul of the Samurai.”

Aside from his conquests as a reputable historian on arms and samurai swords, he’s also a dedicated family man who lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and two children. And his academic resume includes bachelor degree’s in English Literature and Psychology, as well as a master’s in English Literature at UCLA. His philanthropy efforts for NGO’s also showcase his support for the worldly causes as well. These non-profit, ordinary citizen groups include the UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International and Global Exchange; all of which are designed to fight for the social well being of others. Not only is Michael Zomber a highly intellectual practitioner of antique arms and samurai swords with a resume of accomplishments to back it up, but his relatability as a father, husband, and humanitarian are what truly makes him an inspirational individual.  Follow Michael through his Facebook account.