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Thor Halvorssen: A Rising Star

Thor Halvorssen may not be a household name, but he is quickly becoming more recognized. The native Venezuelan is quickly establishing himself as a champion of human rights. He has helped give a voice to those who do not have one through various media outlets. Thor is becoming a renowned writer as he has published many articles, stories, and opinion pieces through many media outlets including popular newspaper agencies and magazine companies.

Another avenue that Thor has established his credibility as a advocate of human rights is through filmography as he has produced or been involved in several films. His films often depict struggles of human nature and give a greater voice in reaching a larger audience and awareness of human suffrage.

Thor has also founded or been a part of several foundations and organizations that are also dedicated to human rights advocacy. He is currently President of the Human Rights Foundation, which strives to help in human rights.

Thor has a vast background founded in a well rounded education from both schooling and his parents. He attended the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated in Political Science and History.

Thor also learned from his parents how to advocate for human rights as they both nearly lost there lives in trying to do what is right to ease human suffrage. His mother was shot at a peace rally when armed guards opened fire in Venezuela on an unarmed crowd. His father was imprisoned and tortured under suspicion of terrorism in Columbia when really he was trying to combat cartel drug trafficking.

Thor is quickly establishing himself as a voice for others less fortunate. As a film producer, perhaps one day he will do a story on his own life and the changes he has helped bring about.

Thor Halvorssen Works for Human Rights in Many Areas

The human rights activist Thor Halvorssen may be best known for the work he has completed with the Human Rights Foundation and for his many TV appearances over the years, but he has also been working behind the camera to produce some informative documentaries. Halvorssen is reported to now be working on a number of fictional movies, but has also been the producer and driving force behind a number of documentaries that have shows the world the dangers to society when human rights are lost.

The Venezuelan born activist now bases himself in New York as he feels this is a city that will allow himself and his colleagues at the Human Rights Foundation the chance to work without issue or interference from government agencies. The personal history of Thor Halvorssen has obviously made him wary of the problems that could be faced when human rights are lost, a history that includes members of his own family being abused at the hands of government officials; Halvorssen still has family members held as political prisoners within the borders of South American nations.

Thor Halvorssen has been a vocal critic of the rise of socialism in many South American countries as he feels many dictators have risen to power without the need to actually live and rule by the values traditionally associated with the political ideology. Halvorssen often uses his documentary work to look back at the government officials and groups who rose to power following World War II in eastern Europe and the issues that caused them issues for decades under tyrannical rule. Among the award-winning films produced by Thor Halvorssen are “Freedom’s Fury”, an exploration of the popular uprising in Hungary of 1956; Halvorssen also brought his movie production skills to a film called “Hammer & Tickle” that explored the use of humor in propaganda across the Cold War years of the 20th century.

Thor Halvorssen’s Views On Bernie Sanders’ Socialism On The Fox Network

The FOX network decided to bring in Thor Halvorssen (http://www.forbes.com/sites/thorhalvorssen/#29b821aa1e52), the founder of the Human Rights Foundation. He leans toward pro-democracy and he condemned socialist revolutionary Che Guevarra. With his background Fox News was sure that they had someone who would condemn Bernie Sanders. But the interview with film producer Thor Halvorssen completely backfired and went viral on social media. He was articulate and actually educated and informed their viewers on socialism.


In the interview, Thor Halvorssen expressed his views that democratic socialism can be a good thing but believes that such systems can easily be perverted by corrupt rulers. He said it is not the form if government, the problem lies on the dictators. Then he totally caught the host off guard and he dropped the bombshell that he is a big supporter of Bernie Sanders and his stand on Socialism and as a matter-of-fact donated the maximum amount allowable to the Bernie Sanders campaign.


Socialism is not inherently evil, he says. In fact, countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden are shining examples of socialist governments where human rights violations do not occur. Socialism is a form of government that can do good or bad depending on who’s in charge.


Thor claims that Hillary Clinton has taken millions from oppressive dictators throughout the world. He also took a jab at Donald Trump, who is the republican presidential frontrunner, for his support of Vladimir Putin in Russia and that is unacceptable for him to endorse either of them.
Thor kept his composure cool even when she brought up his family about the imprisonment of his father by the Venezuelan government, despite the fact he was a respected diplomat protected by his position, including his mother was shot by the police as she protested against the socialist lead government.