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Cone Marshall: Best Law Firm in Auckland

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are the two leaders of one of the most reputable law firms in the world, known as Cone Marshall. The company specializes in international tax and trusts, and it was established several years ago. The reputable law firm is located in Auckland, and it serves clients from all parts of the globe.


Karen Marshall joined Cone Marshall in the year 2005. At first, she was appointed to work as a commercial litigation attorney. However, due to her dedication and hard work, she was named a principal in the institution in the year 2006. In her new title, Karen serves as the statutory advisory trustee. She was given these responsibilities because she has a lot of experience in matters concerning trust management. Karen had worked in a reputable law firm in London for a decade before joining Cone Marshall. Her position at the London law firm gave her the experience she has today.


The other top official of the law firm, Geoffrey Cone has been in the legal industry for several years. Geoffrey joined the industry in the year 1980, and he has offered consumers tax planning, international trust services, trust and trustee management services since then. He has worked hard and won several cases due to his vast experience.


Today, the two attorneys work with international families and the advisors by helping them in creating trusts in New Zealand. The principals also help companies and partnerships by providing them with international wealth advice and tax planning solutions.


Geoffrey Cone has won the hearts of many because of his numerous achievements and vast experience. He is also considered to be a professional with a lot of integrity, earning the trust of many consumers in the international community. Not long ago, the successful lawyer came out to address the increasing number of foreign trusts in his country.


According to an article published by the prominent lawyer, New Zealand is considered by the international community as a stable, safe and high-quality jurisdiction that has good laws. The country has a well and highly-regarded judiciary and legal infrastructure that ensures that each and everything in the foreign trusts is handled professionally and in a transparent way.


Under the leadership of the two experienced lawyers, Cone Marshall has earned the trust of many people around the globe. The organization adheres to the highest principles of tax and trust transparency, and this ensures that the client is satisfied. The advice of the company is considered to be the best in the country.