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John Goullet’s Success at DIVERSANT, LLC.

John Goullet is an IT tech-staffing expert. The shrewd businessman is the executive principal of DIVERSANT, an IT staffing company. He started his career by working as an IT consultant before transitioning to become an IT staffing account executive. Mr. Goullet used the experience that he had gathered in both sectors to establish his own IT staffing firm, Info Technologies, in 1994. Through the new establishment, John learnt about the emerging trends in the corporate sector and the needs of his clients. He enlisted the services of diverse talents to provide clients with unique solutions to their individual needs. Under his leadership, Info Technologies experienced rapid growth that led to its recognition by Inc. Magazine’s Inc. 500 as one the fastest growing companies in the nation. In 2010, he merged his company with Diversant, Inc. to form a new firm known as DIVERSANT LLC.

Talking to Ideamensch, John Goullet said that the idea of owning an IT staffing company was born 24 years ago after he realized that it was a low-barriers-to-entry business. He was also inspired by the success of other people who were in business. John knows how to study trends in the labor market. This way, he is able to come up with new ideas. Because of increased demand for IT experts, John is ready to recruit the ideal candidates and provide companies with a pool of ready employees. Goullet remains optimistic that DIVERSANT will continue delivering committed IT professionals to their clients. Through his stewardship, the company continues to provide innovative products and services.

Referring to Jim Collins’ book that talk about productive paranoia, Goullet says that competition motivates him to become a productive entrepreneur besides driving him to push the company forward. To achieve success, he sometimes emulates best practices adopted by competitors in the field. In addition, John uses the strategy of hiring the best talents, building a sales engine, empowering key associates by training, and mentoring them to achieve results in the company. Lastly, he asserts new government regulations are creating business opportunities such as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) that gives technology companies a platform to offer IT services.

Josh Verne Talks on Recent Podcast

Entrepreneur Josh Verne recently participated in an interview where he talked about his business ventures as well as what it takes to succeed. During this interview on a podcast, Josh Verne talked about his new company called FlockU. His new company provides content marketing to college campuses. As well as talking about his recent business, Verne also talked about the characteristics one needs in order to reach their full potential. Josh told the interviewer that it is important to have good leadership skills as well as being a good listener. Along with these two characteristics, Josh also stated that it is important to focus on living a balanced lifestyle as well as seeking mutually beneficial outcomes when dealing with people.


Josh Verne has been involved in the retail business throughout his entire career. Once he graduated high school, he began working at his family’s furniture distribution business. At first he worked in the warehouse to store and track inventory. Over the next couple of years, he would move up the ranks and occupy a more significant leadership role in the business. After working in this business for a number of years, Verne decided to work for retail companies as a marketing representative. He would eventually reach upper management and help generate millions of dollars in sales for his new company. With his success as a sales executive, Josh decided to start up his own company called Workpays. He would run this company for a number of years before starting up another one.


In 2015, Josh co founded a new company called FlockU which provides a number of content marketing and e-commerce services to consumers. Verne decided to target college students as his main customer base with this business. Since many college students are always looking for appealing content, Verne believed that he could meet this demand and build a profitable business. As well as offering content to college students, Josh also offers them the opportunity to access and purchase a number of products from reputable brand names. As a result, Josh Verne’s company has allowed college students to have better access to the products and information they want on a regular basis.