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George Gascon, Uncontrolled and Unfiltered

SFGate recently published an article on San Francisco’s District Attorney: George Gascon. The article discusses sworn accusations of homophobia and racism toward Gascon. In addition, further accusations have been made of Gascon loudly vocalizing racially disparaging comments resulting in disruption of the peace as well as offending an African-American family that was simply out for dinner.
Gary Delagnes, the former president of the Police Officers Association submitted his declaration containing these accusations following the events in question, also claiming that, prior to the newly declared accusations, George Gascon committed these acts while heavily intoxicated under the influence of alcohol, becoming loud, obnoxious and rampant to such a degree that an African-American man confronted Gascon, requesting that he “restrain” himself due to the fact that his behavior was highly offensive toward his family.
The article discusses the circumstances regarding and surrounding the sworn declaration by Delagnes objectively, presenting factual depth and insight of the ordeal. In my opinion, accusations of such intensity, when compared to past questionability ring resoundingly true.
Public officials holding such prestigious and pivotal offices such as Gascon as District Attorney of San Francisco should be held to a standard of public objectivity and acceptance. Racism and drunken rampancy are the subject matter of slapstick comedy, not the professional outward image of individuals within vital political roles in society.
George Gascon’s track record calls for an immediate and unquestionable removal from office. While Gascon may not be necessarily breaking the law, he is clearly establishing himself as a hatemongering corrupt official, the likes of which are not tolerated to any extent by the citizens of the United States.
Reading of Gascon’s antics and overall shortcomings offends me on a personal level and I cannot stand to see such corrupt individuals in political power to any extent.
The article clearly highlights that witnesses and “insiders” who are potentially aware of the nature of Gascon’s actions and personality pitfalls testify half-positively with Delagnes; however, they all decline to speak or swear declarations at any length until and unless that are specifically selected and ordered by law to testify regarding said events. Corruption runs rampant in today’s political world and the behavior of George Gascon is simply a prime example of such corruption.


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