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The Impactful Investment Banking Services Provided by Investment Bankers Such as Martin Lustgarten

Investment banks have played a crucial role in the expansive financial sector. The major difference between a commercial bank and an investment bank is that the latter does not accept deposits from clients. The success stories of many investment banks and investment bankers have made this field to be popular among the populace. Investment banks help individuals and institutions to increase their profitability margins. This is because it facilitates them to access more capital, thus undertake increase their product and service offing. Additionally, investment banks enable firms to avoid winding up their operations. Through these institutions, different organizations can undertake mergers and acquisitions and access both brokerage and underwriting services.

Over the years, investment banks have been performing important functions in the investment industry for public and private investors, companies, and governments. Moreover, investment banks provide professional services such as assisting their customers with important advice on investments.

The operations of investment banks are divided into two categories. They comprise of the sell side and buy side. Most investment banks offer both services. The sell side entails different services, including selling of shares, placing bond issues, and facilitating transactions. The buy side deals with mutual funds, hedge funds, as well as pension funds. It also seeks to facilitate the investing public to maximize their investment returns.

Investment bankers have been playing an essential role in the success of investment banks. One of the most successful investment bankers is Martin Lustgarten. He is the chief executive officer at Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking company that is based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Martin is one of the most experienced professionals in the investment banking industry. He has provided innovative services to many clients, including large corporations, organizations, and entrepreneurs worldwide. In the industry, Martin is respected for his capital raising strategy and advisory services. He is also revered for his leadership skills. His communication skills have served to enhance cohesion in his corporation. Martin has assisted many businesses acquire the necessary capital to run their operations efficiently. Additionally, he has helped many individuals plan for retirement by recommending appropriate investment options that secures their future.

The Savvy Investment Banker Explains IPOs

The initial public offering is also referred to by the term of IPO. Basically, the IPO is the initial time when the shares, within a private company, are offered to the public. The IPOs are generally issued by small companies wishing to attain Capital for expansion purposes. The ideology, tied to the IPO, is also relative to large privately-owned organizations, seeking a way to become a company which is publicly traded.

The issuer of an IPO attains the assistance of under-writing organization. The aforementioned authority helps the issuer determine, precisely, what type of security makes the most sense in the form of issuance. The assistive organization also provides details as to the best offering price, the amount of shares which to issue, and the precise time to bring the offering to the Market. A reliable investment banker is a favorable resource when a private startup or existing larger organization, is seeking assistance, in the way of going public.

Notes Regarding Martin Lustgarten:

The CEO of Lustgarten Martin is Martin Lustgarten. Mr. Lustgarten was born in July of 1959. Mr. Lustgarten has enjoyed an enduring financial investment banking career. He provides his elite clientele with information relative to mergers and acquisitions, funding advice and services for startups and companies seeking to expand; and provides underwriting services to private startups wishing to go public and more. He is a knowledgeable negotiator, and his client base, comprised of talented entrepreneurs and Chief Executive Officers, rely on Mr. Lustgarten, in providing them with top-notch investment banking consultations, and associated services. Further, Mr. Lustgarten is a resident of the Greater Miami area; and a long-time resident.

From an avocational standpoint, Martin Lustgarten enjoys collecting items of antiquity or vintage artifacts. He has a particular fascination, as it pertains to traditional, vintage timepieces. Perhaps, Mr. Lustgarten’s appreciation of such exquisite objects, rests with the fact, that quite literally, he realizes time is money.

Laidlaw Scandal and Damage Control by Remalda Therapeutics

Last year, December 2015, Remalda filed a court action against Laidlaw & Company, an investment bank, and brokerage firm, and it’s principals effectively stopping the firm from spreading any more false news or claims about Remalda Therapeutics. On January 26th of this year, Remalda filed an amendment to their complaint against Laidlaw, further stating that they wanted monetary reparations for cost and loss of income incurred by Laidlaw’s press release.

The complaint made by Remalda in December also resulted in a temporary restraining order against Laidlaw and its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern as well as an associated injunction that prevented Laidlaw from disseminating anymore harmful or protected information.

In addition to monetary damages, the amendment also seeks to prevent Laidlaw & Company from causing further harm to Remalda Therapeutics.

At a glance, the Laidlaw & Company website seems to ooze with sophistication and the crispness of a newly minted hundred dollar bill. There are no complicated navigation tools to get lost in and the words are delivered to you with simple effectiveness, perhaps even to give the impression that indeed with such tidy confidence your money is in safe hands.

Laidlaw & Company and it’s leading men mentioned earlier, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern are an investment bank that will allegedly invest your money for you in the safest possible way and to give its clients financial advice and guidance to maximize their returns and minimize their investment risks. But if you ask me, I do not think I would trust an investment firm that did not take my sensitive financial information seriously. Not to mention the damage to Remalda by issuing false and misleading statements about Remaldas financial security and costing them a huge sum in the stock market, taking their stock prices from $4.03 per share down to $1.65 per share.

If sense tells me anything, it is to take heed and example from the losses sustained by Remalda Therapeutics and to avoid investing with Laidlaw & Company. But the information is here, and the decision is yours to make. What would you do, and how would you feel as a holder of Remalda stock, knowing that Laidlaw & Company had everything to do with your loss as an individual shareholder.