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A Novice’s Guide to Sapphire Rings

Sapphire is a mere gemstone that is dedicated to the people born in September until a few decades ago when Princess Diana of England steered a slight commotion among the royalties as her choice of pre-wedding band has this in the middle. Sapphire rings were viewed as unfit for the members of the royal family, not like diamonds or rubies; however, the princess stood firm, and her ring has been passed down by her eldest son to Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge and the reason behind the popularity of sapphire engagement rings to date.

Why has sapphire become famous?

This can be associated to the earlier story in which the late princess did not back out of her decision even though others were opposing the stone that was inexpensive in the royals’ standards at 28,000 GBP in 1981. This served as a symbol of confidence that brides-to-be wish to convey to many.

Does sapphire solely come in blue color?

Although Kate’s sapphire engagement ring easily provided her something old and something blue, the gem is not restricted to the same hue. As a matter of truth, it can also be red, green, purple, yellow or pink, depending on where they are from. What remains to be the most treasured color, however, is blue.

How to determine the authenticity of the gemstone?

It takes a specialist to see a sapphire for what it really is, as there are fake versions of the stone that can look genuine through the naked eye even if it is just glass that has been filled with lead. Yet, the first advice that experts can offer to people who wish to discern whether the gemstone in front of them is authentic or not is by looking for any dark spot (an inclusion) within the sapphire, since true stones are imperfectly perfect in that manner. The consumers may need to gain access to a jeweler’s magnifying glass as well that can zoom in the size of the object up to 10 times, so that they can see all the additional specs inside the gem.

Where to find real sapphire rings?

In case the couples are searching for a highly trustworthy manufacturer of sapphire engagement rings, there is nowhere else to go but The Natural Sapphire Company. This jewelry institution has been in the industry since 1939, and their main product has never ceased to be this specific gemstone alone. With the intention of testing the validity of every unpolished sapphire that comes to their possession, the company has its own gem experts who can ascertain the genuineness of every item they sell, along with proper documentations. They have talented designers, setters, and jewelers in their midst as well.