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Connecting Joy and Fulfilment through Kabbalah

Kabbalah, the ancient oral teachings believed to have been passed down from Adam, describe the universe, nature, and purpose of existence in the search of the universal wisdom all religions and cultures must hold in common to thrive. These venerable concepts were once closely guarded among select individuals as it was believed they were full of complex ideas that could not be understood by the average person.

However, Rabbi Rav Ashlag would come to believe there was a way he could teach the Kabbalah to the individual. That everyone deserved a chance to lead the fulfilled and connected life attainable through its teachings. Though his message would not find much acceptance in his lifetime, it would survive.

The LA Kabbalah Centre founders, Phillip and Karen Berg, and their international teaching staff use the centre to help those who do not read Hebrew begin to access the guidance of the Kabbalah. At the LA Kabbalah Centre they also teach the Zohar, which laid the foundational work that allowed the teachings of Kabbalah to be revealed.

The LA Kabbalah centre teaches ways to mindfully, consciously take control of your self and your impact on the world. While many religions might teach abstinence Kabbalah instead urges the individual not to deprive themselves needlessly, but rather to learn to make good choices for themselves. Kabbalah teachings cannot be simply learned, they must also be lived. It is only when the individual acknowledges how all of their choices and actions have meanings can they truly experience Kabbalah.

With the LA Kabbalah Centre’s belief that all religions share a common universal wisdom and Kabbalah only offers a way to further understand yourself and your faith they have found many students around the globe. In the spirit of their teachings, the LA Kabbalah centre also devotes its efforts to provide humanitarian aid to victims of natural disaster and poverty.

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Are the Jews the only Privileged People to Study Kabbalah?

Perhaps this question can be answered by considering another issue such as whether Yoda belongs to George Lukas only. He is the one who wrote the character and also brought the Star War trilogy into the concept. But that is not the origin of Yoda. It originated from other realms. However, the Kabbalah Centre can be said that he channeled Yoda and the force from a pure and high source. The teachings of Yoda are found in some doctrines of the past such as Taoism and Samurai wisdom. Now it is easy to understand the above question about Kabbalah.

Let’s look at Kabbalah and Judaism. Jews drafted Kabbalah, and many of the scholars maintained its secrecy despite a lot of objection from the mainstream religion. Though Jews perpetrated the teachings, its origin is transcended to time, nationality and space. It has one root. Regarding spirituality, it does not discriminate people according to religion or their background. For instance, one cannot say that yoga is only for Indians or Christ is only for Christian and so Taoism is not only for Chinese. Taking mental note into the past, during the golden age there was the interaction between Christians, Muslims and Jews. As a result of that interaction, they interchanged their ideas and cultures, and every group found something beneficial to derive from one another.

Look at how Science grew rapidly as well as philosophy. Soon these disciplines spread to every part of the world. It is an open society, and that is why people can now benefit from the spiritual truths without discrimination. A good example is Pico Della Mirandola who tried to interpret Kabbalah using Christian symbols although he had no much understanding about Kabbalah. There began a Christian Kabbalah called Cabala. During the renaissance in Europe many people tried to understand and interpret Kabbalah, but with little success, because to understand it, you should learn from the teachers who have the wisdom. In England for example, Francis Bacon studied and mastered Cabala and did everything to spread it across Europe. Look at the work of tenets of the Free Masons. They built their temples according to the Blue print of King Solomon of Jerusalem. Therefore, despite its origin, Kabbalah is universal, and everyone in the world can study it.

The Kabbalah Center Opens the Door to Closely Guarded Ancient Wisdom

The mystical appeal of the Kabbalah Center is as intriguing as it is ancient. What makes the center so fascinating to visitors is its rather unusual approach to the subject of God. While Jewish literature traditionally focused on the outside perspectives of God, Kabbalistic literature took quite the opposite approach. It concentrated on the spiritual aspects of God, a subject that was as novel as it was startling as this method had not been explicitly adopted in the Torah. Kabbalists drew their wisdom from the Zohar, a document written by Rav Shimon Bar.

Before 1922 when the Kabbalah Center was opened, Kabbalah Wisdom had remained a closely guarded treasure by a select few. Although the teachings of Kabbalah date back thousands of years ago, its popularity has always remained relatively small, compared to Jewish teachings about God. Kabbalah focuses on acquiring the concealed knowledge of God was transmitted through oral tradition from Adam to Abraham. Later, it was handed over to Moses.

The Kabbalah Center’s opening was an effort by Rav Yehuda Ashlag to allow public access to the jealously guarded wisdom of the Kabbalah. Historically, the sacred teachings were only allowed to Jewish men aged between 20 and 30 who went through a rigorous learning process under a qualified cabalist. Upon reaching 40, only men that met certain criteria in the society were allowed to learn the sacred teachings. Spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah to the outside world was highly restricted. Ironically, the highly treasured spiritual teachings by the Kabbalists were widely regarded as mysticism by the rest of the Jewish population.

The history of the Kabbalah Centre goes back to the initiative of a few Kabbalists who felt that the sacred teachings should be disseminated more widely. Rav Yehuda Ashlag undertook the task to renovate the Kabbalah and made it accessible to the public. He later left the responsibility to Rav Tzvi Brandwein. Then Rav Berg took charge of the Kabbalah Center and continued to use the center as a platform where the world can learn about the enthralling and ancient wisdom of the Kabbalah.



What You Learn from the Kabbalah Centre

Rav Yehuda Ashlag pioneered the Kabbalah Centre in 1922. The Centre is a non-profit organization which aims at enlightening people about the principles of Kabbalah and their daily application. Since its establishment, the Centre has spread its branches to various corners of the world, and it thrives in at least 40 cities across the globe.

Kabbalah is understood differently by different people, and the Kabbalah Centre accommodates the varying interpretations. The principles of Kabbalah are about universal wisdom, and they can be practiced by all individuals regardless of their faith.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches about the origin of creation, the spiritual and physical laws that govern the universe, and the soul.

The Kabbalah Centre aims at helping the learners to improve their lives. Students get tools derived from Kabbalistic principles to help them make wise decisions that are not only fit for them but also for making the world better. Employing these tools makes a positive difference in the lives of the students. There are five core principles of Kabbalah.


Sharing is the actual way of receiving fulfillment, and it is the purpose of life. The process helps individuals to connect with the force that Kabbalah terms as the Divine Force, the Infinite Source of Goodness, the Creator. When people share, they overcome ego, the force of negativity.

Balance of Ego and Awareness

Ego is negative energy that makes people selfish, limited, narrow-minded, irresponsible, hurtful, addicted, angry, negative and hateful. The ego is the core to most problems as it directs people to feel isolated from others. However, the ego motivates individuals to behave. One should decide whether to act for their well-being or others. Therefore, it is important to balance between the positive and the negative parts of the ego.

Spiritual Laws

The universe has laws that affect people, such as the Law of Cause and Effect. You reap what you sow.

We are all one

Every person has a component of Creator which binds us all. Therefore, every individual deserves dignified treatment. There is no fulfillment when other people are suffering.

Miracles happen outside the comfort zones.

We receive light and positivity by becoming uncomfortable in the course of helping others.


Kabbalah Centre’s spiritual Message

Kabbalah is one of the oldest teachings of spiritual wisdom in the world, with its purpose to bring clarity and understanding to each individual life which in turn brings freedom and purpose. It is said to hold the keys to the universe, and in its teachings, the mysteries of the human soul, explaining the physical and spiritual nature of humans, removing our chaotic pain and suffering.

Rav Yehuda Ashlag founded the Kabbalah Centre in 1922. His work writing books and teaching was this man’s life goal to teach and bring Kabbalah to others. Today, there are over 40 places to find the teachings of Kabbalah with physical buildings and online as well. The Kabbalah Centre also publishes books for beginners and intermediates in over 30 languages to enable those who want to learn to study. With such a large online presence, it becomes easy to learn and grow with different opportunities for life’s fulfilment.

Kabbalah is work. It isn’t a quick learning process. It isn’t for those who want a quick fix of lives. The wisdom of Kabbalah is meant for each person but not everyone is open to these teachings. It takes study, work and slowly it will change and transform your life.

Online videos from the Kabbalah Centre help to teach individuals by growing their spirituality. For instance, a video titled Living In the Moment depicts the challenges in everyday lives and ways to overcome these challenges. There are powerful lessons about self-esteem, overcoming guilt and even how to manifest things in our lives. From the purpose of the human soul to teachings of how to cleanse negativity, the online courses take a student from course to course with purpose and clarity. Also, how to attract a soulmate and keep a soulmate. Many of the course encourage and shower the student with positive energy to learn the teachings.

The Kabbalah Centre is a non-profit organization teaching the principles for living an everyday life with spiritual tools students apply. These tools are based on the principles of this ancient teaching. It enables each person to live their life more fully with clarity and a spiritual wisdom.

The Kabbalah Centre Provides the Tools for Living a Better Life

The life we all live is the concern of the teachers from The Kabbalah Centre who are hoping to use the teachings of this ancient form of Jewish scripture that is designed to allow us to see as much of the world around us as possible. The Kabbalah Centre looks to use the teachings handed down through the traditions of Judaism to make sure every step taken in life is done with a consideration of how our actions will affect our spiritual welfare. The rise in spiritualism in the 20th century was the basis of the rise in popularity of The Kabbalah Centre that has its roots in the opening of locations as far back as 1922.


Through the work of The Kabbalah Centre teachers look to inform their students of the best ways of developing ways of using the set of rules that have been made available through the written scriptures known as the Zohar. Each student is provided with teachings that can provide a road map to living a happier, more fulfilled life; the teachings of Kabbalah are not limited to aiding the life of the individual student, but also provide ways of improving the world around us through each students positive actions.


The Kabbalah Centre does not limit its students to living by a specific set of religious teachings to inform their entire life, instead the group provides guidelines that can be interpreted by the student to fit into which ever religious belief system they wish to use for their life. There are many differences in the lifestyle recommended by The Kabbalah Centre and other religious groups, particularly in the way students of Kabbalah believe they have the opportunity to affect their own destiny. One of the major areas The Kabbalah Centre differs in its choices is in the way society as a whole is and can be affected by the choices of the individual; the fact we are all born from the same historic wisdom in the universe means we are all responsible for the actions of our fellow humans.

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Jewish People Learning at the Kabbalah Centre

If you are having difficulties growing in your religion and would like to learn more about the Kabbalah, it might be a good idea for you to visit a center known as the Kabbalah Center. The Kabbalah Centre has actually been around for quite some time now and is one of the largest facilities centre in the United States that teaches the Kabbalah to those within the Jewish religion. This is a wonderful option for just about anyone who might be involved and it can definitely help you to feel more confident when it comes to your own religious group.


There are so many individuals who struggle to learn the Kabbalah because of all that is involved with it. If this has been your own experience in the past, it might be time for you to consider working with the Kabbalah Center to know that you are finally doing something that is religious beneficial in more ways than just one. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is that the Kabbalah Centre works with a variety of different people of all different ages, so this is an ideal option for just about anyone and you can even bring your entire family alone if you are going to be visiting it for the first time.


You will also find that the Kabbalah Centre is incredibly beneficial for people who are either new or older to the Jewish religion itself. This means that you can be someone who has just gotten into the religion and would like to learn the Kabbalah in a more responsible and professional manner. There are so many reasons for you to visit the Kabbalah Centre each and every week, so this is definitely something to consider for yourself so that you are able to see if it works for you as it has for so many other individuals who have visited it in the past with their own loved ones. You will find that spiritual learning the Kabbalah is a whole lot easier when you are doing it in a more professional manner that has experts who are working in the field each and every day to teach you what you need to know about the Kabbalah.