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How to Find a Good Lawyer in Brazil

If you are searching for a reliable business lawyer in Brazil, look no further than Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho – a highly regarded business litigation lawyer.

One way to find a lawyer is to contact friends and others you know and inquire if they have had any dealing with a lawyer in Brazil. Also business associates and professionals like doctors and accountants may be able to recommend a good lawyer. Some of these professionals always come in contact with people in the legal field, and can be a reliable source of information for reputable law firms and lawyers.

But before you make the decision to hire someone, be sure to perform background check on the lawyers you are considering. You can contact the law associations and bar associations in the area in which the lawyer is licensed, to find out if there has been any complaints or disciplinary actions filed against the lawyer or his or her office.

Next, you will want to request a consultation with the lawyer. This will give you the chance to learn more about the lawyer and his or her practice. During the consultation, you should be able to find out about the lawyer’s experience in the field and if he or she has handled cases that are similar to your type of legal issues. A lawyer who is well versed in handling cases like yours is a great choice. You need someone who is efficient and knowledgeable.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has an established history of obtaining successful results in the cases he handles. He specializes in business law and has addressed a multitude of legal matters for clients from a wide variety of industries. He handles cases for organization executives, high-profile individuals, large corporations, business owners, multinational companies and politicians.

With over 22 years of experience handling litigation matters, Ricardo Tosto is well versed in representing clients in all cases related to corporate or business dispute, contract lawsuits, breach of contract or commercial conflict. Ricardo Tosto has extensive experience in business and corporate litigation.

Laidlaw & Company: The Effects of Bad Investment Advice

Today, bad investment advice is disseminated more frequently compared to sound advice. Unfortunately, disseminating bad financial advice is good business for both the financial media and the securities industry. According to Dan Solin, author of the revered smartest books series, bad financial advice has proven to be a lucrative venture.

Bad Investment Advice Knows No Boundaries

Solin singles out one example of a financial column piece that appeared on Canadian national newspaper The Globe and Mail. He says that financial pressure exerted on print media firms causes them to print bad financial advice that misleads millions of readers. Solin takes issue with the fact that financial experts purport to give readers top stock picks that will lead to good returns.

This influences investors and stock traders. Unfortunately, once the information has been disseminated, it is used by millions of traders who read the newspaper. If they all incorporate this information in their trades, the eventual prices will be fair and even out any potential gains. Solin is against printing stock predictions in the print media because such information is unreliable.

Laidlaw & Company

Laidlaw & Company is a profitable investment banking firm that also deals with brokerage transactions. We offer personalized investment advice to our trusted clients who include individual investors, public institutions, and private entities.

We have an impressive legacy that spans 170 years in securities brokerage and independent investment banking. We are headed by Matthew Eitner who became the CEO in 2011. Eitner is assisted by Managing Partner, James Ahern, who heads the Capital Markets. Our current CFO and Chief Compliance Officer is John Coolong.

Today, we operate offices in Europe and have expanded to the United States of America. We employ well over 150 employees who operate under the authorization of FCA and FINRA. We are keen on developing an excellent work ethic and a unique approach to solving problems.