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EOS and The Strategy for Success

EOS Lip Balm has become a $250 million company over a seven year period. Elizabeth Segran writes about it in her article posted on Fast Company. Three men, Mehra, Teller,and Dubitsky, collectively had experience in start-up companies and packaged goods. They wanted to create something new inside the beauty aisle of the drugstore and decided lip balm needed the most improvement. They quickly got to work on the idea of a spherical design for the packaging of the lip balm, wanting to make the product more enjoyable for the user. With Blistex and Chapstick as their competition they wanted to out-do their limited product design and balm.

The unique scents, smells, and shape of the EOS lip balm has become a sensation and is even being copied by other brands. The marketing strategy used, once they had their product in major outlets, such as Amazon, Target and Walmart, grew according to what they wanted to achieve with their line of lip balm. They began their launch with TV and magazine ads slowly adding to their market audience, of 25-35 year old women, by including Facebook and other social media platforms, celebrity, and even brand names, like Disney, to their marketing tactic. The design and marketing of EOS has definitely been a success. https://well.ca/brand/eos-evolution-of-smooth.html

It helped them to manufacture their own lip balm once they were into stores, so they could effectively fill the orders that that were made in a timely manner. EOS currently sells over 1 million lip balms weekly and has introduced shaving creams and hand lotions to their line with more to come. The strategy they used to engage all five senses of their customer in order to cause a stir in the beauty aisle worked for them. They used their instincts, developed over the course of their careers, to overcome giant obstacles throughout the evolution of their product.