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Building Capital with Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings are lending solutions for those who wish to improve on business capital and investment securities for the future. All business loans whether large, small, or personal investments can benefit. Anyone who’s looking to increase their financial gain, raise capital quickly, or use stock as loan collateral for security, will be able to borrow from Equities First Holdings. Equities First is a financial company for lending to those who wish to increase assets for their business, invest in bonds, plan retirement and build long-term net worth in 401K’s. If looking to increase your wealth in a business by using a margin loan or stock based loan, Equities First will give you the security and help that you need with the quality that you expect by regaining capital where needed.

Equities First specializes in products developed to efficiently supply liquidation at attractive terms with a secure process. A distinctive method of funding provides clients with a lower cost of capital and better financing then the more traditional lending solutions. Equities First is gaining popularity over many banks by being able to help those who may not qualify for more conventional credited based loans. As the economy changes and more things are increasing financially, banks and other facilities have cut lending options, tightened their loan qualifications, and increased rates making loans unreasonable and difficult to obtain. Equities First understands things happen in life and they know how to find the right resources that makes getting a loan comfortable and easier on you, the client.

Equities First was founded in 2002 and still resides with 14 driven years of talented teams who specialize in efficient, alternative lending results. Equities First Holdings benefits and Terms are: “low rates, non-recourse loans, borrower’s returns all upside market, appreciation & credit for any dividends, high loans to values, fast efficient process, and loan proceeds that can be used for any purpose.” The benefits that you receive are better, long- term results that can improve your credibility, build business capital, secure your future for retirement and/or resolve unexpected expenses. Make your life a little easier to handle with Equities First Holdings and build that capital for the success of your business or retirement.


The Excellent Services of Equities First Holdings

For an investment firm that not only specializes in offering innovative solutions to investment as well as expert advice that ensures stable finances in the future, the investment firm to look as is a growing investment firm known as Equities First Holding, an investment firm that is truly dedicated to the clients of the company and makes sure that each and every client of the firm gets exactly what they ask for in investment solutions. Equities First Holding is an investment firm that has received positive reviews from clients of the investment firm from all over the world. The reviews state that when working with this investment firm, the clients often feel like they are partners of the firm due to the excellent treatment that they receive. When working with this investment firm, each investment solution is perfectly tailored to the clients to make sure that the highest return upon investment is produced with the lowest risk that is also involved.

Equities First Holdings is an investment firm that has over fourteen years of experience with operations and with helping individuals all over the world find their perfect investment opportunities. Despite the success that this investment firm has experienced, Equities First Holdings believes that success is not a result of the amount of assets and liabilities that an investment firm has. Instead, Equities First Holdings believes that success derives from how well the investment firm is able to help the clients of the firm and how well each and individual client is treated. This investment firm believes in making sure that a client stays loyal and happy when working with the Equities First Holdings’ employees.

With an expert team that works with this investment firm, Equities First Holdings is able to guarantee the best possible services to each and every client of the firm. The first step to becoming a part of this investment firm is to meet with a financial expert so that they not only learn more about you as a person, but also so that they can figure out what investment opportunities would be the best for the future.


Equities First

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a global lender. Alternative shareholder financing solutions is something this company specializes in. This company is seeing more traction in stock-based loans and margin loans. Lending criteria has been tightened by banks as well as other institutions. Equities lending is getting popular. If you do not qualify for more conventional credit-based loans, you can use Equities as an alternative choice. Lending options for borrowers have been cut by banks. The interest rates have increased as well. Loan qualifications have also tightened. Some of these options still exist. People looking for working capital can have their loans collateralize by stocks a borrowing alternative. The founder and CEO of Equities thinks this a creative borrowing alternative. Typically, there is a higher loan-to-value ratio for stock-based loans than there is for margin loans. Stock-based loans offer a fixed interest rate as well. The life of the transaction is certain.

Market fluctuation is inevitable during a three-year loan term. A hedge is provided by stock-based loans. This is because the risk of the borrower’s investment in a downside market is being lowered. A non-recourse feature comes with most stock-based loans. It lets you, walk away from a stock loan at any time. The initial loan proceeds can be kept by the borrower. Your obligation to the lender is null and void. Some people consider stock-based loans and margin loans to be similar. There are securities for collateral for both types of financing. However, there are differences between the two.

The borrower has to be pre-qualified for a margin loan. The same thing applies with a conventional bank loan. The money is to be used for a certain purpose. There are variable interest rates. The borrower can look for loan-to-value-ratios between 10 to 50 percent. The borrower’s collateral can be liquidated by the firm. They can do this without warning in case of a margin call.

When it comes to stock-basked loans, there will be a fixed rate. Three and four percent is what the rate will be. The loan-to-value ratios will range from 50 to 75 percent. The loan will have no restrictions. You can use the money for anything you want to use it for. The borrower can decide to walk away with any further obligation, because most of these stock-based loans are non-recourse. For example, the collateral stock could have decreased, but the borrower can still walk away without any obligation. Any type of financial transaction has some risk. Their goal at Equities First is to get you maximum benefit with minimum risk. They want their customers to meet their goals whether they are personal or professional.


If you are an investor or active in business, you must have tried to acquire capital at some point in your transactions. How exactly was it? I can hear you shout cumbersome, inconveniencing and at times futile. These long procedures of capital acquisition take too much time which may greatly affect your business or individual plans. Equities First Holdings is bond to change this. With them, you can get capital within a snap of a finger.

Equities First Holding is a global company founded in 2002 that provides alternative capital to its clients. The team at UK, led by their chairman, Al Christy Jr, believe that the traditional money providers such as banks and micro-finances have too many procedures and requirements in issuing loans. They therefore provide loans based purely on evaluation of the risk and future performance of stocks, bonds, treasuries held by the client. This enables loan acquisition is more efficient and faster.

Their loans have loan-to-value ratios of up to 75% with fixed interest rates between 3% and 4%. The loans are also non-purpose meaning that the client does not need to specify the use of acquiring the loan. Thus, the loan can be used in whichever way the client pleases including personal uses and settling off other debts. Most banks do not offer non-purpose loans but require you to specify the uses for the money which is also used to assess the viability of your project.

Equities First serves both business and individuals with high net worth. If you hold stocks in a given company and believe that their value will appreciate in the coming years, then you can approach Equities First for capital. If the stocks are assessed and found to be viable collateral, you transfer the shares as collateral to them and you can receive your loan. Unlike other forms of loan, this loan ensures your security as a buyer since if the shares appreciate during the term of the loan; you retain the 100% of the stock market value at maturity. Isn’t this the best deal you’ve ever gotten?