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Champion Investor

Igor Cornelsen was born October 4th,1947 in Brazil. Although he never graduated from any ivy league schools like Harvard or Yale, when Mr. Cornelsen hands out investment advice people sit up and listen.
Growing up in Brazil, this self made, self taught investment tycoon has made a name for himself in the financial world.
Igor made his way by holding high ranking positions in several of Brazil’s leading banks, as well as several banks and investment firms in the United States. His last position being proprietor of Bainbridge Investments Inc, a company founded by Professor Bolton Bainbridge Miller in 1975, before retiring in 2010.
Igor Cornelsen is a hard working man with a can do attitude that proves anyone can succeed if they push themselves, set goals, and work hard until you achieve those goals. His simple, yet highly effective advice has helped numerous people invest wisely and have ample financial gains for retirement.
Igor believes in making several small investments in strong, sound companies. Stating, “There is no get rich quick plans, you invest for the long term then sit back, wait, and reap the benefits”.
Igor’s main tips for investing include:
Diversifying, make small, sound investments in multiple companies.
Only invest in what is affordable, Don’t invest large amounts hoping for large payouts, invest small so if the investment falls through you don’t lose as much.
Invest for the long haul, finding sound companies with a strong history of payouts.

Retiring to South Florida, Igor now works the stock markets mostly as a hobby, spending his days reaping the benefits of his wise investments on the golf course. While still offering his knowledge to young investors.