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The Midas Legacy’s Holistic Approach to Wealth Management

Located at 1220 Winter Garden Suite 108, the Midas Legacy is a financial advisory firm that provides information on stock markets, insider trading, loans, investing and how investing works. Adam Woods operate the company as the Chief Investment Researcher, Jim Samson as the publisher, Tom Anderson as the Tech Stock Specialist, Rick Pendergraft as the Pro Trader and Peter Fallon as the Energy Stock Specialist.

The Midas Legacy helps individuals to attain their lifetime goals. Whether you are an investor looking to improve your money management or an entrepreneur working towards upgrading your life situation, you will get all the answers you are looking for at Midas. These experts will help with your wealth, health, happiness and your overall well-being. The Midas takes a holistic focus on a person’s life. They not only look at finances but how you plan on using it as well.

The Midas offers three major products in the form of stock advice. These are:
1. Stock Raider: A trading course that exposes the evilness of Wall Street and the way clients can benefit from this dark side. For only $27 per month, this course will give you ten tips on how you can defeat the gluttony of Wall Street.

2. Money Mentor: With under $300 a year, you will get this monthly newsletter that features balanced house portfolios. The newsletter will reach you within the first week of each month. It is written by experienced hedge-fund traders and managers as well as stock market insiders.

3. The Stock Code Breaker: This is another trading course that guides an investor into making profits in both bull and bear markets. This product costs $ 27 monthly fee including a $2.95 shipping cost. There is a 30 days money back guarantee on this product.

Giving Back

The Midas Legacy proudly offers regular donations to the below charities.
• Give Hope Foundation- a local non-profit organization dedicated to helping the Central Florida families that are battling cancer.
• St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital- a pediatric research and treatment facility that focuses on catastrophic diseases in children.
• Wounded Warriors Project- a charity organization offering various programs, events, and services to the injured senior members of the military.
• Salvation Army- An organization that aims to feed, care, clothe and comfort. It has 7,546 centers within the United Sates including disaster relief, anti-human trafficking efforts, food distribution, rehabilitation centers and various children’s programs.

Why Gold is Preferred to Bonds by Many Investors

Currently, many government bonds pay interest slightly above zero. After accounting for inflation, quite many fixed-income investors end up with real negative rates. As Bloomberg portrays, over $8 trillion of government-issued bonds pay investors negative rates.

Basically, investors are paying the bond-issuers to hold their money. When it comes to Swiss bonds, even the nominal rates are below zero! In that case, why lose money by borrowing, while taking risks?

Many investors don’t see much sense in allocating large portions of their portfolios to fixed-income products. At the same time, stocks are no longer attractively priced. So, investors are moving into precious metals, specifically gold.

There are many ways to invest in gold. Gold bullion can be acquired directly in the form of coins (such as American Gold Eagles) or gold bars. Another way is to buy gold Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), or even acquire shares of gold mining companies.

This year alone, investors allocated more than $8 billion into SPDR Gold Shares. And more money is flowing into other gold funds. George Soros, the famous investment guru, has just bought nearly 80 million shares of Barrick Gold, the largest gold producer in the world.

At present, gold trades around $1,200 an ounce. It is not as cheap as it was at the beginning of this century, but it’s nearly 40% off its high in 2011. Gold, however, fluctuates in the short-term, so it may not be something to investors with short time horizons. For the longer time, it’s a different story.

Overtime Eligibility Threshold Doubles

In a move to address worker’s wages the Obama administration released a new rule to go into effect on December 1 on the eligibility threshold for a salaried worker to earn overtime pay. Prior to this rule, any salaried worker making over $23,660 a year was not required to be paid time-and-a-half if they worked over 40 hours a week; the new threshold has been more than doubled in order to extend overtime pay to employees making up to $47,500 a year. There has been backlash over the Obama administration’s new rule from both Republicans and business groups who argue that the new threshold will inadvertently hurt the very employees it attempts to help. This is contradictory to the purpose of the new rule, which was created in order to extend overtime pay to over 4 million middle and lower income families. This new rule is anticipated by critics to harm small businesses the most, as the incurrence of higher labor costs could result in the demotion of employees from their salaried positions down to hourly paid positions where their schedules can be managed in order to avoid an increase in labor costs, in addition to the possibility of a decrease in wage rates, and a reduction in hiring new employees. While opponents of the new rule argue that it will result in the demotion of thousands of workers, advocacy groups consider it to be a roundabout way of increasing minimum wage for the middle class.

Millions of American Workers Lack Emergency Savings

Recently, the NORC Center For Public Affairs Research and the Associated Press released the results of a recent survey they had commissioned to investigate the financial condition of workers in the United States. The results painted a bleak picture of financial inequality, and sparked media speculation that the “Great Recession” has not completely ended.

In response to a question on the survey, fully three quarters of respondents with incomes below $50,000 annually divulged that they would struggle to raise $1,000 to meet unanticipated expenses. Surprisingly, the majority of households earning between $50,000 and $100,000 a year reported the same results, with 67& of respondents concerned about their ability to raise a thousand dollars on short notice. Among the one in five households in the nation earning over $100,000, some 38% of poll respondents expressed concern about their ability to raise $1,000 quickly.

Caroline Ratcliffe of the Urban Institute characterized the results of the survey as “alarming”. She noted that a strong correlation may exist between an inability to raise money on short notice and homelessness.

Meanwhile, a study issued by leading labor unions, the AFL-CIO, reported ongoing sharp inequality in earnings, with the chief executive officers of the nation’s largest 500 companies earning roughly 340 times the annual wages of a typical employee during the previous year. However, even CEO pay dropped to a lower level within the past year, according to the report. Production workers earned an average of $36,900 in 2015.

How Businesses Can Thrive with Solo Capital


When it comes to owning and operating a business, you know how difficult it can be for you to get your finances and securities put into place. This is why a lot of business owners are choosing Solo Capital for their own needs. Solo Capital is a business based in the London area that helps with investments, business management, finances and security services specific to the well-being of your company. When you are not using a company like Solo Capital, these are all things that you would have to do on your own and this can be very difficult for the average business owner.

One of the main things that sets Solo Capital apart is the fact that they have been in the business of management for many years and have already helped thousands of people to get what they need in their companies. If you need assistance with securing your company and knowing that it is not going to have technical issues, Solo Capital can accomplish this for you. If you need help with business management or investing, the folks at Solo Capital can also do this task for you in an easy and highly convenient manner.

There are many things that you probably need to do as a business owner and you just do not have the time to do on your own. This is why so many people have made the decision that it is time for them to hire the experts of Solo Capital. Once you make the decision to hire Solo Capital for your business needs, they will get right to work on helping your company to run its very best. This is why it is so important that you get the help that you need in a manner that makes it affordable and easy for you.

If you are interested in Solo Capital, you can even Follow them on Twitter or Like them on Facebook in order to learn more about their services and their company ethics. You will notice that a lot of people have already liked and followed their social media pages just because of how popular Solo Capital currently is. For any type or size business that you own, it is always a good idea for you to consider hiring a professional like this who is going to be able to get all of your needs done for you without you doing it all yourself.

Igor Cornelsen explains why diversifying an investment portfolio is a good idea

Investing in different companies is something that the vast majority of the general public are now looking to do, which is a good thing in the eyes of financial expert Igor Cornelsen. The individual investor is often faced by some of the most difficult choices available when they decide to take control of their own investments and trust that a financial advisor will guide them in the right direction for their money. Cornelsen believes the increase in knowledge for any investor is a good thing that everybody should look for in a bid to create the best options for making more and more money from an investment portfolio.

Igor Cornelsen has a long history of working with the public and major companies as an advisor who has always looked for different ways of investing that are not always the most common approaches taken. Cornelsen believes it is always a good idea to diversify a portfolio in a bid to create a series of investments that are safe from being damaged by a single industry, business or economy suffering a dip in its reputation. The financial advisor believes it is important for any investor to protect themselves by investing in industries and companies from around the world. This means looking outside the traditional areas of North America and Europe for investments and seeking out new economies to invest in, such as those in South American and Asia.

It is also now easy to look through the records of a company an investor is considering placing their finds and faith in. Cornelsen believes an investor should conduct a little research into the health of a company by simply looking into the turnover of executives at any company. By making sure a company is keeping a hold of their top executives the company can usually be classed as being a healthy option for investors. Cornelsen believes any company with a high turnover of executives and top employees is usually struggling to remain financially healthy and should be avoided.

A Business That Only Strives For Success

BRL Trust is a very well-known powerhouse when it comes to making investments in the country of Brazil. BRL Trust has really set themselves apart when it comes to excellence and success in the investing market. BRL Trust has a very diversified portfolio and because of that they are able to help both businesses and individuals to make successful investments. BRL Trust has really stood out when it comes to the test of time. They have been in business for the last 10 years and they are still going very strong.

BRL Trust has built a relationship of integrity and confidence with their clients. They make sure all of their investments and business transactions are completely and totally transparent. BRL Trust does something that the majority of investment companies do not do and that is that they allow their clients to view any transaction that take place with their wealth, and they also encourage them to ask questions. By doing this it helps to create a relationship that is built upon honesty and trust. There are a few things in life that are as important to people as their income. Since that is the case, many investors are leery of investment companies. They do not want their money to be squandered, and they want to make sure

BRL Trust has been known as a solid investment group in the country of Brazil. They have an Anbima rating system that sets apart the most trusted and highly rated businesses, and the score for BRL Trust has always been excellent. The reason that BRL Trust has so many faithful customers is because year after year they have been able to show their customers that they can make solid financial decisions. Their investments have reaped great success, and because of that they stand alone in the investment market.