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Master’s Degrees for Top Pay

Many high-school graduates have the goal of pursuing a Bachelor’s degree after graduating. A Bachelor’s degree is seen as a pathway to higher career earnings potential and a better quality of life for their future families. With the development of more advanced career fields and technology, especially in the United States, even higher education qualifications in the form of Master’s Degrees are becoming more prevalent among four-year degree graduates. Recently,Forbes released a report on the Master’s degrees with the highest salary potential. Some of the degrees listed will probably come as no surprise to many and some may have people rushing to their nearest library.

Forbes ranked a Master’s in Nurse Anesthesia as the highest career earnings potential degree. Graduates can reportedly earn salaries of between $140,000 to $156,000, per year, during early to mid-stages of their careers. Most Nurse Anesthesiologists work in some sort of medical setting such as a hospital or Doctor’s Office. As one might expect, the types of courses for this degree are largely science-specific. Top colleges that offer this degree include Virginia Commonwealth University and Baylor University.

Many Master’s engineering degrees are included on the Forbes list. As a whole, Engineering encompasses several different disciplines that range from Aeronautics to Electrical. A large number of students pursuing these degrees already have a Bachelor’s in the same field. For example, a student pursuing a Master’s of Aeronautical Engineering probably has a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering. However, some elect to study a different engineering discipline such as Project Management or even a MBA. These students may choose to pursue this route to diversify themselves in the workforce. Most graduates can expect to earn a mid-stage career salary of $115,000 to $121,000 per year.

Today’s modern society is demanding higher education in technical and science fields. Whether it be in Nurse Anesthesia or Electrical Engineering, society and technology continues to advance, and these career fields will no doubt enjoy similar monetary returns