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The 7 Pairs of Shoes Your Closet Needs

Did you know that according to Time Magazine, every man owns twelve pairs of shoes? According to our research, you only really need 7. That means you’re taking up space for five pairs of shoes that you probably don’t wear and will never need. We have compiled a list of leather shoes that you cannot live without. Here are our top picks:

Brown Longwings

This should be called the workhorse shoe. They seem to go with just about everything. You can wear them with your jeans, or pair them with a nice suit. They suit both formal and informal occasions. They are often called “old faithful” because they are the comfy shoe that has plenty of style.

Black Cap Toe Oxfords

Most business professionals have a pair of dressy black shoes. These shoes are meant for the more formal moments when you need something upscale. They can be leather or a synthetic blend. Shiny or matte finish doesn’t matter; this shoe will get a lot of wear.

Casual Boots

Every man needs a pair of boots. These are for those spontaneous walks through the woods, or up the side of a mountain. They may not come out of the closet much, but when you are in the country, they are essential.

Penny Loafers

You may not put a penny in these shoes anymore, but the loafer is a classic part of any man’s ensemble. While this shoe is famous in this country, it got its start in Norway. Most leather varieties and upscale business professionals get their penny loafers from Italy.

House Slippers

Though one might argue that these are not shoes at all, no man should be required to pad around barefoot. Those cold winter nights when the floor feels like ice is perfect for these slippers. You can wear them out to get the paper or even the mail. Heck, some people wear them to the store in a pinch.

Boat Shoes

These are the casual shoes of choice for many men. They usually don’t have to be tied, and they slip right on with or without socks. They come in a wide variety of colors and usually are made of a canvas material.

Tennis Shoes

There are so many reasons why you would need a pair of tennis shoes that they are too numerous to list. A good, quality pair of tennis shoes is essential.

As important is having the right selection is, the designer also plays a big part in your choice. If you want your shoes to last a long time, choose a quality designer like Paul Evans. From classic loafers to upscale dress shoes, his Italian expertise doesn’t go unnoticed. They make their own shoes right in New York City with the knowledge they learned from their many visits to Italy. There’s no middleman, and you get a fabulous deal on handcrafted quality.