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Here’s One For The Record Books: Neuromama Has $1,000 In Cash, No Revenue, And A $35 Billion Market Cap

Strange things happen in the investment world. Companies come and go faster than the speeding bullet we all know about. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is the watchdog for the investment industry, but now and then, actually, more now than then, a company will come along a paint a picture on paper that looks too good to be true. A company called Neuromama is one of those companies. The US Securities and Exchange Commission halted trading on Neuromama recently because the picture they painted on paper was nothing like the real life picture of the company. Neuromama has a market cap of $35 billion, and shares were valued at $56.25 before SEC stopped the trading. That market cap would mean that Neuromama is worth more than Delta Airlines and Tesla. The issue that the US Securities and Exchange Commission has with Neuromama is just about everything they reported, according to an article published by Businessinsider.com.

The SEC believes the people in charge of Neuromama are imposters; the company is lying about their Nasdaq listing, and the stock is being manipulated. When Neuromama’s business is broken down, things get a littler stranger, according to the SEC. The company claims it invests in TV networks, and an Amazon type consumer online store. The company has a line of cell phones, pads, computers, and other mobile devices. The company lists 600 patents, but 500 of them are expired. Neuromama is developing a safer way to produce nuclear energy as well. The company claims it spent $15 billion on the project and are working with China, India, the United States, The EU, and Japan on this amazing breakthrough.

Neuromama claims to have offices in Las Vegas, Sydney, Australia and everywhere in between. The company has not filed financial information with the SEC since 2014. The last financial statement showed $1081 in cash and $18.2 million in intangible assets. Neuromama has no revenue, and the company reported a loss of more than $500,000 that year.

The old saying “where’s there smoke there’s fire” certainly applies to Neuromama. Neuromama is playing a financial shell game, and there’s nothing under the shells except smoke and mirrors. The SEC has given Neuromama until August 26 to file accurate information