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A Look At Brazilian Marketing Leader, Nizan Guanes

An Intro To Brazilian Marketing

To anybody unfamiliar with the themes of Brazilian concept, I will now bring you about to date. Expect to see a lot of billboards in Brazilian towns and cities. Brazil is still a developing economy. Most developing economies will feature plenty of billboards through their major towns. Expect to see advertisements for Coca-Cola, Addidas and other major global firms. You can also expect to see regional cell phone carriers and food producers.

Besides billboards and signs, another major theme in Brazilian marketing is TV shows. Soap operas play an especially important role in Brazilian marketing. In Many South American countries soap operas are extremely popular. Viewership can get very high. In addition, the people who watch these serials, are often loyal watchers. They will watch almost every episode of the show.

Marketers take advantage of the soap opera in Brazil to showcase their products and services. Expect to see plenty of ads that cost a premium to air during the breaks. Another thing, is that you will probably see foods, devices and brands advertised directly in the TV serials. This is another way to reach a big audience and convince them that the product is okay to use.

One Of The Leading Advertisers In Brazil, Nizan Guanes

Nizan Guanes is one of the most influential people in the world of Brazilian marketing, media and communications. He is one of the co-founders of the ABC group. It is a conglomerate of 18 different media, radio, marketing and communications companies. ABC Group is one of the largest media, marketing, radio and communication companies in the world in this category.

Mr. Guanes had received many awards during his career. This includes being voted entrepreneur of the year and communications entrepreneur of the year in 2008 and 2009. Nizan Guanes was even voted as being one of the most influential people in all of Brazil in 2010.