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The Inside Scoop on Magnises and Billy McFarland’s Black Card

Did you know that the black metal card for Magnises gives you access to the founder’s home? Billy McFarland, a college dropout has become of the most iconic individuals in New York City since 2013. According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland founded Magnises in 2013, but a year later he released the membership card, a black metal card. Even he will tell you that it’s not about the card, but it’s about the individual carrying the card.

The card represents something important to young professionals, and that something important is a greater social life that could also potentially need to more business relationships. While Magnises is a way for these young men and women to network offline, it’s also a way for them to improve their business contacts.

The membership offers amazing benefits like last-minute reservations at new and trendy restaurants. These places are often difficult to get into, but not when you are a member of Magnises. Some of the top places in NYC include Finale, Goldbar, ACME, Catch, and many others.

Depending upon where you would go the most, the membership is perfectly suitable because it offer benefits beyond clubs and places to eat. The membership also includes benefits for traveling to luxurious getaways as well as to room upgrades in hotels like Grandlife.

Initially, membership was low, but once the card began to get more press the memberships increased dramatically. There were over 6,000 members in late 2014 and the number grew to 10,000 by 2015. The club is encouraged to promote diversity in culture as well as within industries where members are working. Gaining members from all walks of life is important to McFarland, and he feels that in some ways it could help members strive for more once they join.

McFarland wanted to target individuals in the age group of 25 to 35 in order to keep the memberships within a crowd that continues to thrive and be social no matter what happens. The students and young professionals that were signing up were those in the top 50 schools, and that says a lot about the Magnises membership.

The median income last reported for the cardholders with Magnises was $75,000 yearly, and may have increased since that time. It’s amazing what a little membership can do for you.