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Greg Finch; An Outstanding Physician

Orthopedic surgery is a branch in the field of medicine which is concerned with conditions involving musculoskeletal system. It includes a series of procedures some of which include


Joint replacement


Patients who have severe arthritis and are seeking ways to relieve the pain are the one who usually has their joints replaced. After evaluation, the damaged joint parts are removed and replaced with metal or plastic surfaces which enable the joint to function normally.


Shoulder replacement


The patient usually feels better with time because the pain diminishes. This procedure also involves replacing the impaired parts with metal or plastic. It does improve motion at the shoulder joint.


Spine surgery


Pains in the back severely affect the daily life of a person. The most common one is the fusion of the spine. Spinal bones, which are referred to as vertebrae are joined so as to limit the motion of the spine and the bones. This, in turn, restricts the stretching of the nerves hence the pain is minimized.


ACL Reconstruction


ACL is what steadies the knee. It is usually reconstructed after it has been captured. During the procedure, the torn ligament is typically removed and replaced with a tissue which is generally from an organ donor or the patient’s own. The new ligament is then attached to the bone. New tunnels generated in the bone brings new tissues that start filling in, making the new ligament to be secure.


About Greg Finch


Greg Finch received an undergraduate degree in surgery from the University of Auckland. He also has a Ph.D. in medicine. Greg Finch has served as an orthopedic surgeon on the USA and also Australia. Now, he is a professor at the University of George Washington


Greg Finch guides the creation of transformational learning environments as Director of Field Services for the National Center. He has projects that range from the NCCA conferences, Creative Caregiving Initiative and many other.