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Betsy DeVos Has A Vision Of Competitive Education System

Betsy DeVos, the current United States Secretary of Education, has an exceptional vision of making highly competitive education system in U.S. She aims to make competition between different public and private schools to improve the quality of education. She thinks that the current system should be replaced with a system that can encourage competition between schools, and parents should have a better choice to select the best school for their children. I think that suggestions are extremely useful and would create an environment that drives for quality education. All of us agree that the quality of education has been deteriorated over the years. It was due to the schools were not forced to improve their quality. I believe that her suggestion including school choice, charter schools, school voucher, and grading system would create a standardization, and every school would try to compete for each other to provide quality education to sustain.

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School choice is an option to choose the school by parents according to their choice. The current education system is a closed one, and it’s time to end the monopoly. School vouchers are the option to choose private schools using public funding. It gives an option for parents to choose good quality private schools if they wish to be. Charter schools are like public schools and receive government funding, but they can operate independently. There are reports confirming that the charter schools in Detroit outperformed public schools in terms of average performance of the students. The grading system is a simple concept that each and every school are graded like how students are graded. If we look carefully into these options, we can come to know that all these are aimed to improve the quality of education. Here the schools are being graded, getting more self-governance to improve the quality, government funds to seek quality education, and option to choose best schools. Education is for a generation and if its quality up or down, would affect the quality of life and living of that generation. We can’t have a second thought but should provide the best education to our children.

Apart from Betsy’s education activism, she is also involved in various philanthropic activities. She and her husband Dick DeVos founded Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, to help in community, education, justice, arts, and leadership initiatives. In 2015, the foundation made charity contributions worth $11.6 million to various organizations. She and her family members initiated ArtPrize, an art competition program to encourage the young talents. She set up a scholarship called Betsy and Dick DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship for the BBA students or integrated BBA/MBA students of Northwood University. Betsy DeVos is the Chairwoman of Windquest Group, a privately held investment firm. She and her husband are the board members of Neurocore, a group working on biofeedback therapy, to address autism, depression, anxiety, etc.

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The List of Alma Mater’s for America’s Wealthiest Produces an Interesting Result

If your goal in life is to be a billionaire, choosing a college just became much easier. Forbes has compiled a list of the alma maters of America’s 406 wealthiest individuals—and the most common answer is a shocker.

Topping the list is the University of Pennsylvania, which produced 21 individuals. PayPal cofounder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk ran a nightclub in his home to help pay for his Ivy League undergraduate degrees in economics and physics.

Another famous (or infamous) graduate of the Philadelphia school is Donald Trump.

Tied for second with 14 apiece were Harvard and Yale. At 32 years old, Harvard graduate and Airbnb cofounder Nathan Blecharczyk is one of the youngest members of the club.

Yale can thank Harvard for rejecting the application of its most prominent member: Blackstone Group cofounder Stephen Schwarzman.

The highest-ranking public school is the University of Michigan. Of the six individuals who once called Ann Arbor home, the most renowned is Google cofounder Larry Page.

The other three public schools to make the list were Michigan State, UCLA, and California Berkeley.

The most interesting statistic is the number of individuals who never earned a bachelor’s degree. Of the 406 people, 108 did not graduate from college.

Some of the individuals without degrees simply dropped out to pursue their passion; others never attended college at all. The most famous of the dropouts is the world’s richest man, Bill Gates. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also counts himself amongst those who chose not to finish school.

Dole Foods CEO David Murdock certainly has the most interesting story of the group. Mr. Murdock never attended college and was homeless after he returned from World War II. Through the help of a good Samaritan, he was able to secure a loan and slowly build his billion dollar empire.

The 5 Things Rich People Do

In an interesting article, MarketWatch presents 5 things rich people do with their money. And it’s a good advice for those seeking to get wealthier.

First, 80% of high-net worth investors say it’s important to delay gratification and to focus instead on long-term goals. One way the average income individuals could apply it is to save for retirement in such private accounts as IRAs or 401(k)s.

The second thing the rich do is using credit strategically. For example, it makes sense first to pay off credit cards than mortgages as the former carry higher interest rates. Buying a house can be a good long-term investment given the buyers don’t overpay, or don’t buy a house they can’t afford.

The third thing is to use a long-term, buy-and-hold strategy. While there are talented individuals who make millions in stock market speculation, for most of people it is better to avoid high risk, short-term strategies. Buying, for instance, low-cost index funds or ETFs can lead to substantial sums of money down the road.

Another way to handle money like the rich do is to make tax-conscious investment decisions. If money gets invested in IRA accounts, tax savings kick in. When it comes to regular investment accounts, by holding the shares longer, lower capital gains taxes apply.

Finally, many rich invest in tangible assets such as real estate. Diversifying from stocks and bonds makes investment portfolios less risky. It’s like not putting all the eggs in one basket.

Could an Alliance between the Kochs and Clintons be Forming?

Always vocal about his political opinions, billionaire industrialist Charles Koch has chimed in on the state of this year’s race for president and who’d gain his support come November.

The opinions of the Koch brothers Charles and David have always been in demand. For years they have been cited as among the most visible and active moneymen in political races across the US, and whenever the topic of a big race comes up either brother is asked for their insights on candidates rising to media prominence.

In a recent interview with ABC, Charles Koch was asked a question along those lines, particularly what his opinions were on the administration of presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Sticking to his libertarian leanings, Charles was quick to point out that while he didn’t agree with President Clinton on most things, he preferred his administration rather than Bush’s due to that administrations expansion of government roles and unregulated spending like that of wars in the Middle East.

This didn’t take long to transition to Charles’ opinion with the field of Republican candidates and the potentiality of Hillary Clinton rising to the presidency. Though not the first time Koch has stated his displeasure with what the Republican party has had to offer for the highest office in the country, Charles admitted, reluctantly, that a President Hillary Clinton would likely be better than any of the three Republican candidates.

Support from Charles would have to include, he stated, a shift in Clinton’s behavior from the rhetoric she’s been using on the campaign trail. And such a support could be helpful to Clinton come the general election. So far, the Koch network is expected to have collected $400 million dollars to support down-ticket races across the country, particularly in senatorial runs. That kind of money could only help someone for president, and with Charles saying that he has no intention to support any Republican candidate come November that money could be put to use. However, when the Clinton campaign made it to the news, Hillary responded with a scathing tweet that emphatically stated her disinterest in any Koch support moving forward.

Charles Koch serves as the CEO of Koch Industries. Along with his brother David, the Koch brothers inherited 84% of the family business and together have diversified the operations of the company to be the second largest private corporation in the United States.

Charles has spent a great deal of his life funding political causes that support Libertarian causes and inner city education. He is cited as one of the most active political donors in the country.

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Helane Morrison: The Changing Role of a Risk Officer

Author Mara Lemos Stein, writing for the Risk & Compliance Journal of The Wall Street Journal, discusses increased demand for transparency and accountability over risk management in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis and the changing role of chief risk officer. CROs are now required to be strategic thinkers so they can anticipate potential disruptions and anticipate risks in decision making. Frequently, the CRO now reports to the chief executive officer and directly to the board. CROs need to be able to report both up and down, gaining the trust of both mid-level management and board members. The career path of risk officers is also evolving. Companies in other regulated industries are beginning to notice the role of the CRO and to think about where a CRO should be in their executive structure.
Helane Morrison, Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, is a risk officer who is taking on a broader role. Hall Capital is an investment firm, handling the accounts of some of the wealthiest families in the San Francisco area. The firm insists on accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance. As chief compliance officer, Morrison set up a team called the “examination staff” that painstakingly studies the records of all entities involved with Hall Capital. Rigorous investigation is required before anyone is trusted with their clients’ money. Morrison has also implemented an “enforcement staff,” which deploys if the examination team discovers anything suspicious, proceeding with disciplinary actions ranging from a written request for correct practices to an in depth investigation and criminal charges.

Before joining Hall Capital, Morrison was a Regional Director of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. There she was responsible for securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters in Northern California and Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, and northern Nevada. Before joining the SEC, Morrison was an attorney representing clients sued by the SEC, defending securities clients in class-action suits, sitting in arbitration defending brokers, representing securities officers in SEC investigations, and defending stock brokerage firms against suits brought by customers. Her career has shown her both sides of securities law and made her a risk officer uniquely able to make sure those laws are enforced.

The Different Marketing Tools For Business Leaders

In order for a business leader to run a successful business in Chicago, he needs something that is more important than vision. He needs marketing. He also needs networking. It is very important for one to be able to market his business. Fortunately, there are many different tools available for people to use thanks to the Internet. One of the tools for marketing a business is Social Media. Social Media is one of the most popular tools that are being used on the Internet. In fact, social media platforms are used almost as much as search engines. This gives business owners an edge when it comes to marketing, given that they know how o use social media.

In order to effectively use social media, it is important to engage the people on the social media platforms. One person that has made good use of social media is Majeed Ekbal. He has a successful business and he uses different tools of the Internet in order to provide insight into the topics that are related to his business. People that know him will read what he has written. He is also active on social media and will engage the users that come in contact with him.

Majeed Ekbal is mostly text based social media. He also has Pinterest and uses that regularly in order to get a following. He provides advice to people that have goals and are willing to reach them. Among the pieces of advice that he would give, one very important piece would be the importance of getting help. It is not wise to try to do everything solo. One man can’t do the work of many. The same can be said when it comes to Internet marketing. Most blogs or websites are run by a multitude of people.

Being a business leader and marketing a business does take a lot of time and effort. In this case, it is important to be approachable. Social media is to be used a lot like one would use the outside world. It is important for a business to interact with people and engage them on different forms of social media so that they could know him and begin to trust him. No one is going to do business with a person or a company that they know nothing about. It is important that the person is acquainted with the business leader and the business for a while before he decides whether or not he wants a product or a service from the business.