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Philadelphia Litigator Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck Hire CounselSometimes, legal terms can be confusing. We may hear the term “litigator” and wonder exactly what it means. Let’s keep it simple. A litigator is merely “someone who specialized in taking legal action against people and organizations.” According to the Cambridge English Dictionary it is exactly that simple.

A litigator does his or her legal magic in the courtroom. They address the judge, jury, and any witnesses that may be involved in the case being presented. Because the litigator needs to be prepared in the case being presented to a judge or jury, research is necessary. This may be handled by a paralegal or first-year associate. The paralegal or associate presents the intelligence to the litigator long before the trial date.

The research needed for a legal case may also include identifying and interviewing any witnesses. They may possess important or invaluable knowledge or information. The client asks the litigator to present a case asking for relief, which simply means how they would like the judge or jury to rule in pleadings. Likewise, a litigator will represent a client at any pretrial conferences or hearings. They will definitely be present when any settlements in a case are being negotiated. If a settlement cannot be reached between the plaintiff and defendant, the litigator appears in the courtroom as a trial attorney.

Karl Heideck is a litigator with experience in litigation, compliance and risk management. His office is located in the Greater Philadelphia area. Mr. Heideck attended Swarthmore College. Swarthmore is a private liberal arts college located in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. He attended from 1999 to 2003, and received his Bachelor of Arts degree there. Later, Karl Heideck attended the James E. Beasley School of Law, located on the campus at Temple University. He attended Temple University from 2006 to 2009, where he received his Juris Doctor, or Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

As a litigator, Karl Heideck is skilled in several areas of the practice of law. Some of these include:

  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Employment law
  • Corporate law
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Trials and appeals
  • Teaching
  • Legal research, and
  • Westlaw

Mr. Karl Heideck is also familiar with product liability laws and intellectual property. It seems like Karl Heideck is the litigator with the most well-rounded experiences in the Philadelphia area.

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