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Greg Secker is an International Respected Authority in Financial Matters

Greg Secker is a world-class entrepreneur who is a philanthropist and public speaker as well. He has earned outstanding credit for his positive impact on foreign exchange as well as financial trading. Mr. Greg was born in Norfolk, England. In the University of Nottingham, Greg Secker studied agricultural and food sciences.


Career Background


He started his career in the mid-1990s at Thomas Cook Financial Services in the trading technologist post. He was in charge of developing trading systems for foreign exchange. In 1998, he won an award for e-commerce innovation known as British Telecom Award. Greg Secker was honored after his creation of Virtual Trading Desk, a reputable online platform for forex trading. Secker later moved to Mellon Financial Corporation, and by the age of 25, he was appointed as the VP. He retired in 2003 from the firm and got involved in forex trade full time.


Greg launches a company dubbed Learn to Trade


Greg Secker founded Learn to Trade Company. Greg was running this firm out of his home. Since then, he has been mentoring people on trading strategies. In 2008, his company started hosting seminars internationally. Over 200,000 individuals have taken part in these financial trading workshops and seminars organized by Greg. He educates them on how to come up with a replacement or second income, as well as trading the stock markets and currency.


Mr. Greg has done splendid work in mentorship programs on financial trading. He has also spoken on CNC and Bloomberg, two of the globally renowned market channels. Greg Secker is a writer. He has written several books both inspirational and on finance topics. They include Financial Freedom Through Forex and The Book Of Success.


Greg Secker’s charity work


As a young entrepreneur, who has abundant success, Secker is a man who recognizes the need to give back to the society. He has taken part in charity initiatives, such as Royal Princes Chosen Causes, Tusk, and The Bereavement Trust. In 2011, he formed Greg Secker Foundation. This non-profit entity focuses on improving the lives of people positively. It focuses on life skills, education, and leadership mentorship.