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Andrea McWilliams is the Bolt that Tightens up the Political Machine:

What is unique about Andrea McWilliams? Ms. McWilliams is the well-renowned Austin businesswoman that performs political advisory services. The following text provides insight as to Andrea McWilliams’s intriguing post:

Andrea McWilliams is involved in the design of political policy-making. She is somewhat like a technician in an industrial setting: except her environment is that of lavish and traditional-styled political environments.

She involves herself in party and non-partisan political issues. The issues which Andrea McWilliams, involves herself, can run the political gamut; from that of foreign affairs, education, healthcare, immigration, the environment, to that of economic issues.

Andrea McWilliams, takes it upon herself, to research any of the preceding issues or any issue she is presented. After careful investigation: she offers political advice as to the matter at hand. She is interested in policy-making, with regard to its development and the implementation of it. She always keeps the needs of the client “close at hand.”

McWilliams is employed by a very influential client-base, such as governmental agencies, certain lobbying groups, and organizations; and not-for-profit enterprises. The preceding clients, greatly, influence policy-making. Andrea, at the end of the day, is one of the persons that develops policies. She researches, the matter at hand, in order to support the policy.

Andrea McWilliams, it must be noted, as a political strategist and adviser, is very much a part of the “political machine.” In her capacity, that means, whatever she does, even if it means “tightening a bolt,” so to speak, serves to play an important and strategic role: in the overall process.

Secretary of Education Nominee Betsy DeVos Is Education Champion

While Betsy DeVos was never a household name outside the state of Michigan, she surely is now. The billionaire school voucher and charter school advocate was chosen to head the Department of Education in the Trump Administration.

Betsy DeVos has worked for bettering education in the state of Michigan for over 30 years. She realized her calling while attending college. After seeing first hand all of the problems, apathy and waste within Michigan schools, she vowed to do everything she could to change it. She, along with her husband Richard have poured a great deal of their own money into establishing charter schools. They have also led the charge to put school vouchers on the ballet. It was a long and arduous task, but they finally got a bill passed.

“We came up against a great deal of opposition,” said DeVos. “I firmly believe that parents should be able to choose between crumbling schools and schools with good teachers and better technology.”

Some critics believe that DeVos is poised to break up public school systems all across the nation. DeVos says that those claims are pure nonsense. “Choice is my goal. Giving students the choice of better schools. No one will be forced,” said DeVos.

A number of supporters, including Heritage Foundation CEO Jim DeMint, says she is the best possible choice for the position. DeMint, also an advocate for vouchers and charter schools, says Betsy DeVos will be an Education Department champion. “She has a proven track record with results,” said DeMint.

DeVos has also been active in Republican politics. She is a 4-time appointee as chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party. She also chairs a number of organizations including American Federation for Children, Foundation for Excellence in Education and The Philanthropy Roundtable. She served as co-campaign manager of her husband’s 2006 campaign to defeat incumbent Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Although DeVos has some detractors, she is expected to receive the necessary votes to be confirmed as Secretary of Education. Her hearing has been delayed until next week.

DeVos and her husband Richard reside in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They have four grown children and five grandchildren.

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George Soros Stands Opposed To The Political Future Foreseen By Donald Trump

The future of the U.S. seemed to be set fair with left leaning political minds united in the build up to the 2016 elections in their belief Hillary Clinton would win the White House. However, a shocking victory for Donald Trump could not be stopped, even with the full weight of the economic and political power of Democrat donor George Soros and other well known left leaning figures. Soros poured more than $25 million into the Clinton campaign fund over the course of 2016 and looks set to continue the political fight into the 2017 and 2018 state level elections.

George Soros himself rarely gives interviews about his own well known political beliefs, but his political adviser, Michael Vachon appeared in 2016 to discuss the reasons the hedge fund billionaire had stepped into the fight against Donald Trump and a growing extreme element to the right of U.S. politics. Vachon pointed to Soros’ own religious and political tolerance as one of the main reasons for his $25 million in donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Democratic campaigns in general. In recent years, George Soros has been a vocal supporter of immigration reform and become a champion of refugees looking to escape conflicts in areas such as Syria.

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This is not the first time George Soros has looked to defeat a Republican candidate he believed to be a threat to the future of the country and the planet a a whole. In 2004, George Soros poured around $27 million of his estimated $25 billion fortune into the campaign fund of John Kerry for his bid to dethrone sitting President George W. Bush. Not only does Soros see his role as assisting Democratic candidates, but also hopes to inspire other wealthy donors to follow his example as the Democratic party looks to relaunch itself after a damaging election season seen as one of the most divisive in U.S. history.

The need for donors such as George Soros and Haim Saban has never been greater for the Democrats as they look to rebuild a party fighting over climate change and other issues that appear to have been ignored by everyday American citizens. Even at 86 years old George Soros does not show any signs of giving up the fight and recently announced he would be attending the Democracy Alliance meeting taking place just a few days after the Trump victory. This meeting will see major figures from the Democratic party such as Elizabeth Warren and donors like George Soros come together to discuss the future of groups like the Democracy Alliance and the party itself in the wake of the Republican victories in 2016. The major role George Soros plans to take at this meeting shows he remains committed to fighting the conservative programs a Donald Trump Administration looks set to introduce during the first 100 days of taking office.

Reference: https://twitter.com/georgesoros

George Soros And Dem Donors Vow To Fight President Trump

While many are still trying to make sense of Donald Trump’s shocking victory in the recent Presidential election, George Soros and other wealthy donors are gathering together to plan their resistance to Trump.

The gathering of Soros and others is being sponsored by the Democracy Alliance (DA), a very influential organization in left-leaning politics, and will take place in Washington, D.C.

Along with Soros, attendees will include House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chair Keith Ellison, and Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Part of the meeting will be used to try and figure out what went wrong in the election. They will attempt to reassess the vision and path of the Democratic party on Biography. But the main focus will be to resisting and fighting president-elect Trump whenever they can. According to a leaked agenda of the meeting, Soros and Co. view Trumps First 100 Day Plan as an “assault” on President Barak Obama’s achievements.

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It has been reported the George Soros has given at least $27 million to pro-Hillary Clinton super PACs during this election cycle. But that wasn’t his only major contribution this election. He is also reported to have contributed $2 million to a super PAC devoted to defeating controversial Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. That particular investment paid off as Arpaio was defeated by Paul Penzone, a Democrat.

Soros is scheduled to speak to the attendees and relive his experiences living under Nazi and Communist rule during his childhood in Hungary. He feels that the United States are now under threat from just these types of authority rule on Investopedia.

Through his Open Society Foundations, Soros has fought to build vibrant and tolerant societies around the world. They also seek to hold governments accountable to their citizens by encouraging transparency.

George Soros is best known for his career as an investor and currency trader. He reportedly made over $2 billion in 1992 when he, and other investors, forced the Bank Of England to devalue its currency. Th eOpen Society Foundations was started in 1979 and has been fighting for democracy and freedom ever since.

Fighting the Evil of This World With Thor Halvorssen

When a dictator begins his daily routine, what is on his top list of concerns? Often, unflattering media reports of his latest civil atrocities. Thor Halvorssen is a chief source of such reports. With parents who were heavily persecuted by Hugo Chavez’s government, Thor knows the vile minds of the tyrants of the world, and he is dedicated to causing them to lose sleep at night.

Thor is the founder and leader of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF). Thor reported that sister organizations to HRF like Amnesty International have a strong focus on problems in the United States, ignoring problems in dictatorships abroad.

Why does he do this? “I love people!” Thor says happily. Thor hates how the cowardice of citizens causes dictators to rise to power on popular appeals. Thor was beaten by authorities when he went to Vietnam to gather information on an outlawed sect of Buddhism.

Sigrid Rausing, a top progressive donor, recently left a meeting with the HRF when she found out that Thor’s organization also received funding from a conservative donor. This comes from Thor’s sense of pragmatism. The partisan clashes between left and right mean little to Thor, but a lot of his supporters get hung up on the political details. Thor is criticized by lefties for receiving funding from conservative organizations to help topple communism. Thor answers this criticism by pointing out that his top legal helper is a former Marxist, Javier El-Hage. The Atlantic mentions that Thor’s goal is to end oppression of people by tyrants of every stripe, right and left. “Why discriminate?” he says.

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Trump Advises Investors to Keep Away from Stock Market

Donald Trump isn’t only a presidential candidate. He’s a multi-billionaire real estate investor. But, he’s not considered to be a stock market guru, unlike his political and business critic Warren Buffet. What Buffet advised is not to listen to Trump- whatever he says.

Buffet is recognized as one of the best investors ever. And he said that throwing darts at stock pages would result in better returns than listening to Trump.

Still, Trump has some advice to stock market investors: Stay away. So far, he has warned investors of some very scary scenarios. So, it’s better to dump stocks, he thinks. “The only reason the stock market is where it is, is because you get free money,” said Trump.

In the past, the presidential candidate has criticized the Federal Reserve Bank for keeping interest rates too low. According to “CNN Money,” Trump has less than 10% of its net worth in the stock market.

So, to whom should investors listen? For real estate investing, they may listen to Donald Trump. After all, that’s his area of expertise. For stock market advice, it may be better to listen to Warren Buffet.

However, investors need to take into consideration that Buffet is a long-term investor. Also, the stock market valuations are high at present, while there’s economic uncertainty. And that goes against the advice to buy low and sell high.

Getting To The White House On Little Money

Donald Trump has proclaimed since he started his run for President of the United States that he has only used his money for the campaign. His first interview after the Republican contests were finished included statements about how much money he would need to get into the White House. Raising $1 billion is not necessary simply to get elected. There are hints that he won’t need half that amount to win the election.

An election for President of the United States is one that takes skill, determination and money as it’s expensive to get your name to the American people. Donald Trump has his own money, which is likely why he doesn’t want to take donations or use any kind of fundraising to get a lot of money from the people voting. If voters understand that they won’t have to financially support someone in the White House, then it could be a positive impact on the election. Those who know that they will have to pay taxes just to pay for the income of the man, or woman, in office will likely run the other way no matter who is on the ballot. Trump is a man who does understand money. He understands how to make it and how to spend it on things that will make more money. He might be the man the country needs in the economical department.

Donation Refused By Trump For Running Mate

Donald Trump could have had Newt Gingrich as his running mate. However, he refused to take $200 million in donations from those who want the man as Vice President. This is one of the smartest moves that Trump has made. He has always said that he has funded his campaign on his own. There has been no money received from outside parties. He has used his own money, which has probably been a benefit in his campaign. People have seen that he is a man who doesn’t need the money from the job as President. He is in the election to win because he cares about the country.

Gingrich wasn’t happy with the decision Trump made by not taking the money to have him as his running mate. He doesn’t care about his reasoning behind the decision. After the money was refused, Gingrichstarted saying negative things about Trump. It appears as though Gingrich only wanted to be the running mate to Trump to get his views heard and to have a say in how the country is run. Both men are powerful in the world of economics. The country doesn’t need two people who are ideal in the way of managing money. If Trump does succeed and is President, then he needs a Vice President who knows politics. This is probably the only way he will be able to manage the country.

Efforts in Congress to Dismantle Dodd-Frank

During a national election year fraught with controversy, the Republican Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Representative Jeb Hensarling from Dallas, Texas plans to introduce legislation to begin dismantling sizable chunks of the Dodd-Frank banking reform legislation passed by Congress in 2010. He gave a speech on Tuesday in New York detailing proposed changes in the “Financial Choice Act”.

The new proposal would remove restrictions on the ability of banks to engage in very risky financial investments. It would also significantly increase the fines paid by banks that perpetrate fraud. The measure also provides for greater monitoring of some independent regulatory agencies by Congress.

The Obama Administration opposes the proposed changes, and The Washington Post reported that it remains unclear whether or not likely Republican nominee Donald Trump would back the changes, either. Mr. Trump has expressed opposition in the past to the Dodd-Frank legislation, a measure passed in the wake of the economic recession of 2008 in which several notorious Wall Street scandals contributed to significant losses on the part of many Middle Class investors.

In a statement released today, Donald Trump stated that he would cease making controversial comments about the heritage of judges involved in a civil case involving his business. The presumptive Republican nominee recently generated extensive media coverage when he contended that a conflict of interest existed in a civil case involving Trump University because of the jurist’s heritage and his own immigration positions. He declared he would stop discussing the case.

Libya May Figure Prominently in The 2016 Presidential Election

Allegations that presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump worked hard to attract money in business deals from the late Libyan dictator Muammar Quadaffi surfaced in several news reports today. Buzzfeed News posted an article online claiming that the New York City real estate broker actively sought Libyan investors during 2009, even going so far as to rent an estate he owned in Westchester to Colonel Quadaffi. He supposedly tried to make Libya’s ambassador his golfing buddy. A story carrying The Washington Post header entitled “Donald Trump Wanted Moammar Gaddafi’s Money” alleged that during the course of providing a news interview over the weekend Donald Trump admitted renting property to the Libyan leader during 2011 when the dictator visited the United Nations. The article claimed that the real estate mogul had become “just one of many Americans”, including Bernie Madoff, who sought to conduct business with the leader of the North African nation, despite the Quadaffi regime’s reported ties to terrorism. The story claimed diplomatic cables in 2011 had disclosed Madoff’s attempted business dealings.

Democrat Hillary Clinton served as the Secretary of State during 2011, when the Libyan leader perished during an uprising. From late February through October, Qaddafi sought to suppress unrest in a revolt which cost thousands of lives. Mrs. Clinton received criticism in the media when, later, protesters attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi and murdered the American ambassador and three others. Some security experts maintained the victims had inadequate security at the time, despite warnings.