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Obama to Reside in D.C. after Presidency

According to a recent article by BBC, President Obama will be moving into a home in the District of Colombia “until his 14-year-old daughter, Sasha, graduates from the Sidwell Friends School in 2018”.

It’s refreshing to see that even people with a lot of power still think of their families. Staying so far from Chicago, where the Obama family lived before the Presidency, for their daughter to continue at one high school must be a difficult thing to do. They lived in Chicago for a long time, long enough that President Obama was able to become a Senator for the state. This means that they’re going to forego returning to their home and all the connections made over many years, just so that their daughter can remain with the friends she’s made over the past several years.

It is hopeful that these next years will bring the Obama family much time to spend together after having such a difficult position. One can imagine the family going from head of one of the most powerful countries to just another set of regular citizens again, with the parents shuttling the kids around for social and school activities. This is always desirable after a long time in a high stress position, and it will be good to know that one of the younger presidents in our history is able to return to normal life after the job. It would certainly give future presidents something to look forward to!