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Plymouth Rock Merges Gap Between Online and Offline Insurance With Prime Service


According to an article found on Insurance Journal’s website, Plymouth Rock Assurance has created a new tool for auto insurers that want to purchase their auto insurance policies online. ‘Prime’ is an online tool that allows customers to manage their auto insurance policy online even if they actually carry their individual policies via a local independent agent.

Plymouth Rock Assurance launched the new online tool to help bridge the gap between local insurance agents and the new evolving world of online policies. These days many consumers are forced to choose between an online policy and an actual agent, but with the ‘Prime’ tool now consumers can have the best of both worlds. This way they get the satisfaction of a personal independent agent but they get the ease of managing their account online.

It is no surprise that Plymouth Rock Assurance would be catering to the new market demands as the CEO of the company, executive James Stone, has spent the last four decades immersed in the ever changing world of insurance policies. Throughout his life the businessman has not only worked as CEO for Plymouth Rock Assurance, but also served as a Harvard University lecturer, on President Jimmy Carter’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission, and as the Massachusetts Commissioner of Insurance. With this much insight into the insurance business it is clear that Stone knows the power of adaption.

Prime allows customers to purchase a policy online that then is given to a local independent agent that can offer advice, consultation, or aid after an incident occurs. This allows customers the hands on ease of working with a local office instead of a large company while still providing them with instant access to their policy details at all times. The service is already live for those who reside in Massachusetts and will go live in Connecticut and New Hampshire before the close of the year.