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Darius Fisher: A Digital Mogul.

If you have yet to seek out Darius Fisher’s services, that may be considered a good thing. The president and digital crisis expert of Status Labs has a proven track record for improving the online presence of business executives, celebrities, and politicians especially when things go south. He even coaches businesses and companies on how to improve their own online presence and how to make the most of digital marketing strategies like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and improving google rankings.

Fisher explains the importance of establishing a positive and healthy online reputation in a press release posted by Business Wire recapping Fisher’s presentation at Impact15 explaining how other media publications such as newspapers change daily whereas google searches do not and the steps individuals and businesses need to take to change that. Darius also touches base on more technical topics like how to use search engine tools and public relations tactics to prevent an online reputation crisis. All in all, this guy knows what he’s doing and he has created a reputation for himself that proceeds the digital media industry.

Not to mention, in a recent Forbes article Darius talks about the prevention of employee turnover and the tools needed to keep valuable employees invested in your company. Not only do his tips like creating incentives, rewarding employees with appropriate recognition, and sufficient raises keep employees happy it is proven to save companies money in the long run. Some companies may worry about investing so much of their time in resources in employees for fear that they may leave, but the bigger question remains– what if they stay?

Instead of treating workers as if they are disposable, this young entrepreneur and online presence repairman is changing the way companies look at their employees. Darius Fisher is bringing new and exciting ideas to the table that don’t just sound good, but actually work. Go ahead and Google him. I bet you’ll like what you see.

No Second Chance For Melissa Click? Mizzou Professor Suspended For First Amendment Hostility!

These days, the slightest misrepresentation can cost a career. Mizzou (University of Missouri) professor, Melissa Click is the latest victim of public ridicule and scrutiny. She quickly rose to fame after surveillance footage of her orchestrating an extraction team in support of student protests recently went viral. While Click protected the students’ interest, journalists successfully filmed her encouraging forceful removal of the media team on-site. This bold display of hostility didn’t just earn her an audience before the university’s disciplinary committee.

In another scenario, Click faces criminal charges for misdemeanor and assault. Mizzou System Board of Curators has already suspended Click while her case is undergoing further investigation. USA Today interviewed Click recently where she explained how this has changed her life. Although Click’s reputation as a Mizzou professor of communications before this incident has been exemplary, she’s surviving a social nightmare. Click explained that she’s been disrespected and threatened publicly. Furthermore, over a hundred lawmakers insist on Mizzou terminating her employment immediately. In light of this reality, she’s called on Texas-based digital reputation and public relations specialist team, Status Labs for help.

With expert digital crisis solutions, Click hopes to keep her job and restore her credibility. Global digital crisis consultancy, Status Labs tailor solutions to address a client’s unique situation on a case-by-case basis. It exploits the industry’s best public relations, content management, search optimization and marketing practices. With proven strategies, Status Labs can expurgate any scandalous propaganda from one’s public profile. The company’s co-founding partners Darius Fisher (CEO), and Jesse Boskoff are all experts in their respective area of specialization.

Status Labs operates in some 35 countries worldwide. Its CEO Darius Fisher was among the innovators representing brands at the last annual IMPACT15 and Innovation 50 conferences. Among the 1500+ clients Status Labs consults for, are public figures, businesses, politicians, celebrities, etc. The activity “doxxing” has ruined so many reputations online. Unfortunately, the Internet’s infinite archive of records will remain public property unless it’s removed. Sometimes, even minor incidents, “the forgotten,” become a threat. With Status Labs expertise, keeping digital profiles hygienic is possible.

The Rising Star of Reputation Management

Darius Fisher is the man behind Status Labs. Darius is a native of New York and graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University. What is Status Labs you ask? Chances are you haven’t heard that much about Status Labs, unless you have had your professional reputation drug through the mud. Status Labs is headquartered in Austin, TX. Their main focus in dealing with reputation management, digital marketing and public relations of individuals or companies that are on the very negative side of what most would not want to see. Status labs helps many big name people, including but not limited to, Fortune 500 brands, CEOs, politicians and many other public figures. Status Labs serve more than 1500 clients in 35 countries. Since launching about four years ago, Darius has opened offices in Sao Paulo and most recently in New York. He started his career as a Political Consultant and a copywriter. This ultimately set the foundation to the beginning of Status Labs.

Darius’s vision for Status Labs was mainly born from his own experiences of a crisis he had to manage within his own company. “Who better to help an individual or company manage a crisis and repair their reputation, than someone who has lived through a crisis of their own?”, Fisher explained. His most recent success was honorable mentions from Yahoo and New York Times for assisting victims of the Ashley Madison hack. In my mind he is kind of like the “Better Call Saul” of the professional world.

Darius has many suggestions on getting ahead of a nasty PR campaign. He lives by by a few rules of thumb to keep a reputation shining. 1. Remove your personal data online. If you aren’t sure about lose it. 2. Change your social media privacy settings. 3. Change passwords frequently. 4. Google yourself. You never know what you might find about yourself that you didn’t know. 5. Do some personal housecleaning. If you aren’t sure, don’t post it. Harmless in your mind could be a gold mine for a persistent reputation hound.